Taking Stock


I saw this November Taking Stock Post over at Our Urban Box so seeing as my blog has also been neglected I thought I would do a list of things that have been occupying my time up lately!

Making : not much, making scrapbooking pages when I can fit them into my busy day
Cooking : again not much, we have been eating out a lot due to been so busy with the house move, living in Hobsonville Point.  The kids are being exposed to Japanese, Italian and lots of different cuisine
Drinking : a Soy decaf Cappuccino from Ginas.
Reading:  no time to read right now
Wanting: lots of things, new furniture for the house mainly and an Iphone  6+
Looking:  for ideas for the new house
Playing: music on spotify whilst cleaning
Deciding: on what furniture and things I need for new house and what things we don’t need to keep and declutter
Wishing: it was Friday and we take possession of our new house
Enjoying: Monday morning me time!
Waiting: For the window cleaner to finish cleaning my windows
Wondering: What Santa might bring the kids for Christmas
Loving: The warmer weather we are finally having even if it is muggy
Considering: what I will wear out to dinner on Thursday!
Buying: a new outfit to wear to dinner on Thursday
Watching: Catching up on all my TV on demand so our MySky box doesn’t explode whilst we aren’t watching all our TV
Hoping: We get a quick and good sale on our old house
Marvelling: At how much stuff one can accumulate in only 4 years of living in this house
Cringing: at the dirt that is coming out of our carpets as they are being cleaned
Needing: new rattan outdoor furniture for Christmas Day
Questioning: how I can fit all my kitchen stuff in my new smaller kitchen
Smelling: the carpet cleaner!
Wearing: my active wear and my white birkenstocks
Noticing: how much faster the Mac computer is than using my laptop
Admiring: my nice clean kitchen and empty house
Sorting: out the last few things that need to be done so we can move
Getting: the kids Lego  Advent Calendars out of the garage to take with me today.
Disliking: Still having the last few things to be put in boxes – the awkward stuff
Opening: nothing yet but soon on the weekend we will be opening up boxes
Feeling: Mostly good, excited about the end of the week!
Snacking: On whatever I can find in this old house – which isn’t much!

As you can see there is a bit of a theme… most of the stuff keeping me away from the computer is old house or new build related.  It will be strange next week once we have moved and it wont be as frantic as it is now.

Michelle xx


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