Reach for the Stars!

Hi all

My latest layout is up on the Cut Shoppe Blog today!

I have used one of the files from our recent blog hop called A Walk in the Clouds. Which I absolutely fell in love with and couldn’t wait to use on one of my own layouts.

Often I love cut files but think how could I use it on my layout where it fits in with the overall theme or idea I am trying to portray.  In this instance, I used the clouds as a reference to the sky and my sentiment of reaching for the stars and how you can achieve amazing things if you put your mind to it.

Here is my layout:

Be Brave Banner

Liam – was part of a team of four year 6 kids who participated in a spelling competition recently at Albany Junior High School and their team came first in the team round.  The kids had to answer a series of spelling related questions in ten rounds – some of them were quite difficult for some adults in the audience to answer even!!  Liam was pretty excited to be part of the winning team where they won several prizes (including a hire of a chocolate fountain – school wasn’t too excited about that one!).  Once the team round was over the kids all had to spell 20 words and anyone who got more than 12 out of 20 right was entered into the  traditional individual spelling bee. Liam and most of his team mates made this round but all came unstuck on the same word in the second round which was a bit of a bummer.  It was a great life experience for Liam, getting up in front of an audience and peers, using a microphone and having to spell out words correctly and within the rules of the competiton was a big learning curve for lots of the kids.  Liam and his team mates earned the Oteha Valley Star (school wide certificate) for their hard work prior to the competition as well as their results on the night and of course placing first and third (their other team) out of the other schools competing.

Close ups:2014 08 14_5376_edited-1 2014 08 14_5377_edited-1 2014 08 14_5378_edited-1


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