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Hi peeps!

I have finally gotten the scrap room into some sort of order. After two retreats in pretty quick succession and a few things being created in between it was a major disaster zone.  My scrap room is one of the bedrooms upstairs.  The poor girls (I mean lucky girls) get to share a room so I can have a dedicated space.  Thanks girls.  It is a pretty square room about 3m x 3m ish.  It is double aspect and gets lots of nice sunshine so I do enjoy spending time in there.   Righto.. on with the wee tour.  It’s photos only as I didn’t have enough memory on the iphone to take a video tour.

1970 02 03_4034_edited-1
This is the view looking in from the door.  It is so hard to get the whole room in the picture!  My scrap table is actually our old dining room table from Freedom Furniture.  It is glass and quite easy to clean and I like that it can easily fit in more than one person. Sometimes I have a small helper with me who likes to draw and make a mess of my washi tape stash.  She will remain nameless for now. 1970 02 03_4052_edited-1and this is the other side of the room.  The shelves are well used and have had them for ages.  They were from the Warehouse Stationery and can be flipped up vertically or horizontally as I have it here.  The white cabinet in the corner is the girls old changing table re purposed for my scrap stuff purchased from Mocka.  I like that is really wide and sturdy and that it has nice big drawers which I will take a peak into later.
1970 02 03_4035_edited-1

Another view from the door way again.  I have 12 x 12 drawers from Kmart which hold miscellanous papers, paper scraps, 12 x 12 inch stencils and older patterned paper and such like.  The little containers on the wall are metal spice containers which I brought on a deal on grab one.  They come with their own little metal stand but I had a magnetic board aready on the wall so I just added them to it.  These hold my flair, buttons, bows, sequins and similar little products. I like that when I travel and scrap I can just grab them and go.  Just need to watch out that the containers are closed properly as sequins tend to sneak out otherwise!1970 02 03_4031_edited-1

View of my little shelving unit that sits on my desk.  I purchased this on Trade Me about a year ago.  I like storing my mists, texture paste, canvas cuts, gelatoes and bits and pieces on here that I use all the time so I can just grab what I need erasily.  Also, my tools and pens and things are in my tote.  Handy stapler and inks on the window sill too.
1970 01 01_4040_edited-1

This is my little project life kits station (from Bed Bath and Beyond)  I started purchasing PL from Crazy Monday Kits and used to keep all the kits separately but now I have broken them up into 6 x 4 cards, 3 x 4 cards, Mini Alphas and embellishments and my tags are kept here too.  I like how it is all together mostly and I can just go to this little unit and I know it is all from Crazy Monday. 1970 01 01_4042_edited-1

My little project life cubby… Need to get this out  and do some project life. 1970 02 03_4030_edited-1

I love using little baskets and bins and things to store stuff.  I really need things visible otherwise I forget about them and they never get used.  I tend to shop in little homeware stores when I travel and pick up little items like this one that holds all my latest and favourite stamps ready to be used.  It is currently sitting on the window sill. 

1970 02 03_4038_edited-1

Another basket which sits on the bottom shelf which stores my 12 x 12 sticker sheets and alphas.

1970 02 03_4041_edited-1This basket in the middle stores all my kits from Crazy Monday and Studio Calico and a few other collections that I love.  This makes it so easy to grab and start creating.

1970 02 03_4044_edited-1

Right on to the white changing table.  The deep shelves hold a large salad bowl full of washi tape – this is the first area my girls  go to when they arrive in my scrap room and proceed to make ‘plasters’ with the washi tape.  You can see the evidence of a child has been here in this photo. Next to it is a glass jar of twine.  Next to it is my basket of thickers.

2014 05 27_4046_edited-11975 09 08_4045_edited-1Top drawer holds my Crate Paper and Maggie Holmes frames and die cuts in my Nigella Lawson mixing bowls.  I used these bowls for baking before kids but they were just sitting in storage downstairs so I thought why not use them to store my gorgeous die cuts!  My ink pads are in a box next to these bowls.   The bottom drawer (not shown) has my cuttlebug and dies and a few other bits in pieces.

1971 05 16_4032_edited-1The raskog that I made hubby carry home from Australia holds more embellies. I have the Antonis trays in the top two tiers but also within that I have some glass jars (these were from Gu desserts) to store paper clips and little pegs.   I may have had to eat several desserts to get the jars… you know take one for the team.  
2014 05 27_4033_edited-1

 That is pretty much how I organise my stash at the moment.  It is a love / hate relationship between needing to ‘see’ the product so I use it, to wanting to have a nice uncluttered room!  It is nice to be able to shut the door if there is any creative mess made though.   I have lots more ideas and things I would like to do in here but  haven’t got the time to implement them right now. Hopefully one day in the future.

Hope you have enjoyed the tour.
Til next time

Michelle xx






5 thoughts on “My scrap space

  1. ohhhhhhhh very cool pics…..i didnt know you were getting SC PL kits….what fun boxes they come in!!!!
    and yes…..i love baskets too….but since im only really doing PL now….im trying to use other systems to make sure i can SEE my stuff….so i know to use it!!! gotta love my raskog for that!!! best thing ever!!!

  2. Now I know why everyone else manages such amazing mixed media layouts and can manage all the colour variations … you have so much stuff! Lol. It is an amazing room with so much great storage and display areas. I really must sort mine out to make it presentable. Thanks so much for sharing

  3. Thanks for sharing your space – it all looks so neat and tidy. Love the big glass bowl of washi and the Ikea trolley.

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