PAT tests

I know I haven’t really posted much on here that hasn’t been scrapbooking related of late. I’m still undecided if I am going to keep this blog just scrapbook related or mixed up with personal life.  It is hard to find the time to post all the things I would I like to post right now but until I make a firm decision I will try to find the time to post personal things from time to time too.

Liam recently undertook the beginning of the year PAT (Progressive Achievement Tests) for school in Maths, Reading Comprehension, Punctuation and Grammar, Reading Vocabulary & Listening for year 6.  Do you remember taking these sort of tests when you were younger?  I don’t recall doing them until I got to intermediate school level.  They were definitely not my forte.  Liam on the other hand usually does really well.  This time he has done exceptionally well for his age so I wanted to record his results as we are super proud of his academic achievements.

In Maths and Punctuation you can actually see the questions and what they got right and wrong which means you can see if he is just mucking up an answer by not reading the question right. Which he does tend to do as well as seeing what sort of maths is actually being tested.

Liam’s test score was 31 out of 41 questions right.

Which puts him at stanine 8.

There is 9 Stanines in total.  A level 8 Stanine correlates to  7% of year 6 students achieve at this level and about 4% achieve higher and 89% score lower. 

Reading comprehension
Liam’s test score was 27 out of 35 questions right = level 7 Stanine.

At Level 7 Stanine – 12% of year 6 students achieve at this level and about 11% achieve higher and 77% at a lower level. 

Spelling and Grammar 
Liam’s test score was 29 out of 34 questions right = Level 8 Stanine

Reading Vocabulary 
Liam’s test score was 36 out of 40 questions right = Level 8 Stanine

Liam’s test score was 32 out of 35 = Level 8 Stanine

We are so pleased with these results.  He is effectively nailing these tests.  We often don’t give Liam enough credit for his academic achievements.  You could say that most things academically come quite easily for him.  I would go so far as to say he  is lucky to be able to succeed so easily when other students need to put in a lot more effort to gain similar results.  We also need to realise that Liam is only just turning 10 (next week) when most of his peers will be turning 11 this year.  So is even doing more amazing for his age being a year ahead of himself.

Liam, Mummy and Daddy we are super super super proud of your results.  You are having a great start to your last year of Primary school. You have settled into your class so well and having a great year not only academically but also at mini ball and playing in the school band, taking part in swimming sports and cluster sports days.  If anything you are doing everything and more that we could ask of you so far in this year.  I am looking forward to seeing how you progress through the rest of the year.

Love Mummy xx


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