Color Stories Inspiration Case 110

Wow… another case file is up already at CSI.  This time it included a sketch by Emma Stafrace:


This sketch and theme was a tough one to do for me.  But one of the great things about CSI challenges is they force me to get those photos and stories scrapped which may be in the too hard basket.  This was one of them.  Last September, we said goodbye to Indy our retrospoodle,  I wrote about Indy before having a shunt in his liver which meant he couldn’t process toxins properly.  If you know anything about liver disease in humans it can make you quite grumpy.  Well in Indy’s case it certainly did and he was getting increasingly anxious and very needy – didn’t liked to be away from the family at all.  Indy also really didn’t like Aimee and growled a lot when she was nearby.  I’m not sure why as Aimee really loved Indy and was excited to see him. Aimee was also his main source of food for Indy with leftovers going over the side of the highchair for him.  Unfortunately, I had to often keep the two of them apart which was difficult at times.  Then the day after Gary’s birthday last year Indy was sitting under Liam who was on the computer.  I thought in my head, Aimee was outside and happily playing I won’t put Indy away just yet.  Whilst I was in the kitchen, Aimee walked into the lounge and I don’t quite know what happened next but Indy barked out loud and he had rushed Aimee and nipped her on her arm just above her elbow.  It was just enough to break skin but nothing more.  She wasn’t doing anything to antagonise Indy but for some reason he felt threatened by her presence.

We never really knew how Indy was feeling inside as obviously he couldn’t tell us but I honestly felt that in the last few months prior to this incident he was feeling worse and his behaviour was getting more difficult to manage.  We had to make the tough decision to have Indy put to sleep.  There was no way I could trust he wouldn’t try anything again and with his health conditions it just wasn’t possible to re home him.  The kids came first.  So this layout is us saying goodbye.  I have never had to put an animal to sleep, it was the toughest thing I have ever done.  Indy was always at my feet at home he followed me around, he was our vacuum cleaner and a huge part of our family.  It was certainly hard to take him to the vet and say goodbye for the last time.  Indy loved going to the vet, he was always so excited to go – this time was no exception, Liam said goodbye before going to school and the girls and Gary came with us to the vet.  Gary and the girls said their goodbyes and I stayed with Indy whilst he ate his last ever dog treat as he drifted off to sleep.  I am so pleased he got to eat some yummy dog food (which he wasn’t normally allowed due to his liver condition) as his last supper.

The next few days/weeks were weird, it is amazing how much a dog can influence your world, from walking him, to leaving the blind half way up so you could let him outside easily if he needed to go to the toilet, to making sure you didn’t leave food lying around to close to the edge of the bench otherwise it would get scoffed when you left the room!  You even expected to open the garage door in the morning and find Indy waiting right there to greet you.

I hope Indy is now finally at peace and enjoying playing with all the doggies in doggy heaven.

Michelle Whorwood 110I have also included some hidden journaling and an extra photo in an envelope under the doily.Michelle Whorwood 110 detail 4 Michelle Whorwood 110 detail 3 Michelle Whorwood 110 detail 2 Michelle Whorwood 110 detail 1 Michelle Whorwood 110 detailThanks for stopping by today.  




5 thoughts on “Color Stories Inspiration Case 110

  1. Hard stuff that is for sure. Brave you!! I can remember years ago running out of the vet rooms and leaving my poor husband to hold our beloved Bindy as she was put to sleep..Too hard that is for sure but it is good to record the hard stuff as well as the happy memories.

  2. Michelle, I am sooooo sorry to hear about Indy! He was a lovely dog, and I will missing seeing him when I come to your house! I am crying because I am just imagining how hard it must have been … dogs are a special part of the family. Hugs! xx

  3. Absolutely love how you rotated the sketch Michelle. Such a sad time having to say goodbye to our furry friends if its any consolation this page is a gorgeous dedication to Indy and you definitely made the sketch your own. Sending you a big hug xo

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