Aimee Rose – 17 months old

oops more like 18 months now.

It has been long overdue since I blogged about Aimee.  Since I started doing Project Life and writing little milestones in there I haven’t really found the time to do it on the blog as well.  But Aimee is growing up so fast that I wanted to put a little post up about what she is doing right now.

Aimee is almost the same age as Taylor was when Aimee was born.  In some ways that makes it easier to compare the two of them developmentally as that was a significant event in our lives.  In some ways (insert baby brain) that actually makes it harder to recall the little details.  I was super lucky to be able to draw on blog posts about Taylor to jog my memory.

Not that I am into comparing children but it is so interesting how so many factors influence the nature of children. Some of it is innate, some of it is definitely learnt behaviour or behaviours that have occured due to Aimee adapting into her place as the third child.  Like for example, the things Aimee gets up too, Liam would never have been exposed too or allowed to do.  Like messy eating by himself or just getting away with the digging in the pot plants (because hey Aimee is happy and busy and it means I can get dinner prepared).

Unfortunately, I dont have these records for Liam but this is what Taylor was doing at the same age in this blog post here.  As a starting point, I have copied and pasted the text from Taylor’s post.  There are definitely some similarities.

  • you are 84cm Tall
  • you weighed in at 12.6kg
  • you are wearing a mixture of size 1, 12-18 months and size 2 clothing,  We can put you in Taylor’s size 3 clothes no stress too.  Interestingly enough you have smaller feet than Taylor did at the same age as you don’t fit the same shoes as your sister did.
  • We got Taylor’s fringe cut at this age.  Whilst Taylor had a lot more length to her hair.  It is about now that Aimee your fringe is getting in your eyes.  It is difficult to get you to keep your hair tied up but we are getting there.
  • In the last week you have totally started babbling away. Love those little conversations you have with yourself.  Words you use often are bath, ball, bottle, dummy, you go around saying mummy/daddy mummy/daddy.  You can say Taylor clear as day when you want too.  You are getting better at repeating words like Harper the other night.  You say boo, dog, bird, hi, hello, bye, shoe, poo, nappy, baby, pig noises, miaow, highchair, and I’m sure there is more!
  • you now have one big nap during the day (usually on a good day 2-3 hours).  This is still happening quite earlier on in the day too. Depending on creche days.  You are so easy to transfer to bed too.  If you fall asleep, then I pick you up rest your head on my shoulders and put you down. So different from Taylor.
  • like Taylor you are now moving furniture – little chairs to the breakfast bar and the like.  You also like to move the table, little black board, and anything else that isn’t too heavy.
  • you and Taylor play heaps on the little plastic bikes.  You are really good at driving the little bike (your siblings never mastered this at all) and gaining confidence on the bigger black bike too. You are often driving around with drink bottle in one hand and phone in the other… and no hands on the wheel.  Trust me there is NO Modelling of that behaviour going on in the big car.
  • you enjoy playing with balls, putting things inside things, the little thomas train, reading books, a little bit of shape o when we get it out for you, playing with the toy kitchen
  • one of your MOST favourite things to do is to play with water.  You seek water out wherever you go.  You are going to love summer!!  You also love being outside, playing on the deck.Will talk more about water below.
  • you love bath time.  Yep more water!
  • as with Taylor – you are starting to recognise when you have done a poo in your nappy as you walk around going Poo (Taylor said Pi Pi)  and sure enough when I check you have done one.  You are starting to use the toilet if we catch you to do number 2s.
  • one of your main personality traits is your social nature.  Often you go up to your brother and sister and give them hugs.  If you see people outside you are waving furiously at them.  You have geninue concern for others, the other day Liam turfed out a doll you had been playing with from a pushchair and you were very distressed that the baby was on the floor and ran over to comfort it. SO CUTE!  You wave good bye to random strangers at the supernarket.  Very different from your siblings.
  • one of main things you love to do is steal things from Taylor.  You can be a bit of a bully and of course Taylor reacts and gets upset and you run off with the item gleefully.  However, if I ask you to bring the item back to Taylor you happily do so too. Stealing things also comes with wrestling too!!
  • another favourite thing is for us to wrap up one of your babies for you so you can put her in the baby stroller.  This happens like 20 x a day I’m sure.
  • you still are the messiest of eaters.  You are quite adept at putting things on your own fork but on the flipside you are quite good at eating just the tomato sauce.  You pretty much eat what we eat now.  At the moment, you are my least fussiest of eaters.  But you do love Pasta, hot chips, fish, meatballs, poppa jacks, you also like to finish off all the meals your sister or brother don’t eat.  Like this morning’s ricebubbles and yoghurt left behind by your sister.

Being the third child you have been exposed to quite different things and often I find myself thinking you are two years old already when really you are a wee way off that yet.

You have just completed your first term at creche.  You started 2 months earlier than Taylor did and I’ve only had two instances where you have cried when I have left you.  You have settled in a lot quicker and faster than either of your siblings.  But then I guess you are lucky and have a sibling there with you the whole time – someone who you can seek out if you need.  At creche you are a live wire – stuck into everything but mainly the water.  At creche you often go through 3 changes of clothes from being wet.  If you can’t get outside to the water trough then you seek out when you can get into the bathroom to play in the sink where everyone washes their hands.  You manage to find the smallest/Tiniest amount of water wherever you can. Mix that in with SAND, GLOOP and fun times ahead. Unfortunately, when it comes to water you also like to SPLASH everyone else around you just isn’t safe.  You also love to play with the balls in the basketball hoops and I often leave you and Taylor there.  Although you are also getting into the playdough now too.  It will be interesting to see how your time at creche progresses in the next few months too.

Some photos of Aimee:

1970 02 03_9780 1970 02 03_9905 1970 02 03_9907 1970 02 03_9914 1970 02 03_9916 1975 09 04_9837 1975 09 04_9924Right better get this posted before Aimee really does turn 2!



2 thoughts on “Aimee Rose – 17 months old

  1. omg where has the time gone…look at her now!!!!
    love that she loves water play….and creche in general!!!!
    so much easier for the youngest…seen it all before them!!!

    and love those pics of her on the chair using the computer…changing generations for sure!!!

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