Scrappin Patch Spring Retreat


Just a quick blog post as I procrastinate the post retreat unpacking.  Last weekend, I was lucky enough to travel down to Christchurch to the awesome Scrappin’ Patch Spring Retreat.  I say it is AWESOME because actually it really is.

First reason – amazing tutors… lol.  Okay, I was one of those teachers.  To be honest I was a bit nervous about teaching two classes.  Of course, can’t really let that on to too many many as you have to portray confidence here.  But on the inside I was a bit like jelly.  It has been awhile since I taught a class but really I had nothing to worry about because all my pupils were really nice to me.  Even when I made them cut out 50 bazillion banners of varying widths and lengths.  The other two classes looked amazing too. Megan taught two heritage layouts which were both so detailed and I think had even more elements than mine. AND Belinda and Hayley taught an PL style class on Sunday morning which everyone was raving about …

Second reason – food. OMG food.  I think by the end of the weekend I had eaten enough food to last 3 weeks.   It is honestly so lovely and so lovely that I don’t have to cook or clean up.  I didn’t even eat the morning and afternoon tea on the Saturday…. but they looked yummy.

Third reason – inspiration – there is something about being surrounded by lovely talented ladies for long periods of time which totally gets my mojo going.  I think the turning point for me this year with my creating was the Autumn retreat but the spring version was NO different.  I churned out 9 layouts which when you think I was teaching for 6 hours on Saturday I don’t think that was too bad.  Unfortunately, I can’t share pretty much anything right now as it is for challenges and Crazy Monday Kits.  But I can share this one.

I have used my new Finnabair Prima mask and texture paste on my background.  This reminds me of seashells for some reason.  Plus I have used Crazy Monday Kit’s August kit which I think is one of my favs.  Loves the red, blue, green and PINK. It definitely needs pink.  This is totally a just for fun layout. And has my cute little nephew Mako and my girls at Butterfly creek and the three reasons title was just perfect for the photos.  Both my girls enjoyed hanging out with Mako and Boston in August – unfortunately, I think Aimee taught Mako some bad habits which included the Mummy game (running up and down Grandma’s hall arms out stretched) – maybe that was a bit of Liam’s influence there. And just being busy in general. Oops sorry Shannon!! Butterfly CreekFourth reason – and probably the best reason. Friends.  Thank you Hannah for being a lovely travelling companion and listen to me rabbit on for hours at airports and in the air. As Annelie couldn’t come – I’m so glad you could.  Thank you also for your help in the classes it was so great to have someone help out with all the questions (mainly about banners lol!). Heidi B for being my travel buddy on the way there and for driving me to Oxford for essential caffeinated beverages. Michelle VO for having such a cool name (and such a cool giggle lol!) but mainly for driving us back to the airport!  Adrienne for organising such a cool retreat that people just want to come back to time after time.  It takes so much time and preparation that goes behind the scenes to make such an event so successful.  Also for having a hot room with the heater and for the electric blanket!! Megan again made me some gorgeous letters for A & T and the lovely lovely card that everyone signed.  It was also so nice to reconnect with online friends and meet new friends – too many to mention here!!

Honestly, as far as retreats go…meets all expectations and goes beyond. The dates are slightly later for the Autumn retreat and there may be SNOW.  Also, there is talk of another day and lots of us feel like we are just getting into our groove on Sunday when we have to pack up.  The dates for next retreat are 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th May 2014.  Now to just confess to hubby I want to go to this one as well as Autumn Escape!

Righto procrastination time over..



6 thoughts on “Scrappin Patch Spring Retreat

  1. It was such a great weekend, wasn’t it?! You did great teaching your classes and it was fun helping out (although I don’t feel like I did that much). It was also great to have you as a travelling buddy :-)
    SOOOOO excited about the May retreat. I can’t wait!!

  2. I know what you mean about unpacking procrastination, it’s happening here too.. so much easier to blog than unpack! :) I like how you’ve used the mask on that layout, might try that out with my new love of masks and texture paste! :) I really enjoyed your class and you didn’t seem nervous at all but I understand completely, I taught a few years back and a class of five got my tummy butterflies going, never again! lol :) Look forward to meeting you again some day.

  3. Thankyou for sharing your skills and teaching us how to cut banners!!! I did know how but I have it ingrained in my head now after doing so many. I used the left over papers etc last night and recreated a page for the oldest grandson so thanks for that too. Will be a long wait for the Autumn retreat….can’t wait.

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