Hello everyone,

I have you may have noticed began to neglect my blog apart from scrappy shares !  Not much in the way of personal shares SORRY!  There are lots of cool things going on so it is not for the lack interesting information but more the lack of time to record them all here on the blog.

It could have something to do with a wee thing called project life which I started at week 19.  Yep I did my cover page and then skipped forward a few weeks so now I am recording a bit of this information that normally would be on my blog in my cute little orange album.  I am really enjoying it.  It wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have  my Canon Selphy CP900. Which is basically how the heck I manage to get any photos printed these days.  I quite like the grungy high gloss look on my layouts too.  It is nice to be able to just pick up a current photo and then scrap it or PL it.  The stories and memories are fresh too.  The PL is not a work of art by any means but I can then save my creativity for my layouts = Happy.

Anyway, lots of cool things happening here.

This month we put both the girls into the same room and now they are sharing!  After a couple of weeks of transition and a few nights of sickness which were a bit disruptive it is going pretty well.  Taylor still goes into her old room and asks if she could have that one back… um no sorry sweetheart!

Will just do a quick update on the Taylor and Liam and then do separate post on Aimee as she is another month older!


  • Is playing Futsal on a Monday night – but is playing some amazingly good kids and they get thrashed every week.  I think it has been good for his attacking game too.
  • He has a one on one drum lesson on Tuesday night.  And has been going for 4 weeks and is getting really good at learning the beats and seems really enthusiastic so great that he has something that isn’t just sport.
  • Thursdays are just chaotic.  He is supposed to do swimming, miniball and soccer practice.  Yep.  Soccer he wasn’t really ever able to do and he plays about half the games of miniball when it doesn’t clash with swimming.  Mini ball they got into a really hard grade and didn’t make the quarter finals.  Swimming – he just got his 100m award.  There is only two awards left after that and he is finished the programme.  Can’t quite believe that as that award list seems freaky long.
  • Saturdays he is playing soccer at a nice respectable time of 10am.  He has quite a good team this year and they have just been put into the top half of their 9th grade competition.  He is playing with a few 8th grade reps who are playing up into the 9th grade so some of the kids are only turning 8 at the end of the year but they are pretty good little players!  So far at soccer he is doing pretty well.  Definitely not scoring as much this year but definitely helping putting the ball through for others to score.  He is putting in a huge effort in his tackling and taking on players which I think is a reflection of playing futsal on Mondays !
  • Right now he is doing pretty well behaved at home.  We have a tick chart of things he needs to do every day which we adapted from Ali Edwards one for her son.  Plus he has to earn his computer screen time.  Which means he is getting  stuck into helping a bit more with things like setting the table and emptying the dishwasher. If he gets his talking nicely tick for several days so no meltdowns and having to drag him to his room (it is 10 at the moment) then he gets his reward.

Taylor at 2 3/4 years you are:

  • fiercely independent times.  I can do it myself.  You can peel your own banana – sometimes you even peel your brothers banana too.  You have to open your own cheese slice, your own Thomas custards etc.
  • you are going through a bit of a defiant stage.  Your first initial reaction is to say no I’m not doing that!  Usually a short spell on the step means you are more willing to do as I have asked.  This usually happens when you asked to tidy something up!
  • you are still really helpful.
  • you are 94cm tall
  • at swimming you have had a few firsts.  First time in life jackets without mummy or daddy.  First time in flippers.  First time floating on your back without anyone holding you for a minute.  You are I’m sure doing way more things at swimming than Liam at the same age.  Zoe frequently takes away bubbles and gets your guys to swim without anything and it just isn’t a big deal.  We just need to teach you to have noisy feet and kick rather than run in the water!
  • at crèche you are doing really well.  You are really enjoying swinging at the moment and of course dancing and signing as well.
  • you are no longer wearing nappies!  A couple of weeks ago we stopped putting you in nappies at night and you do wake to go to the toilet we haven’t had many accidents.
  • you are still having sleeps during the day about 50% of the time.

Not much else is happening!  The months are just flying by… I am about to start creating my class for the SP retreat that I am teaching at in September !  Excited about that… it has been awhile since I have done any teaching… and I have lots of ideas that I want to try out too.

Until next time


3 thoughts on “Blog NEGLECT!

  1. Lovely to read your updates on all 3 kids (I did read Aimee’s separate post as well). So if the girls are sharing a room do you have a scrap room? Or a spare room? We always intended our boys to share one day but now Ethan’s room is pretty full with his drum kit and a big desk which he needs for his homework.

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