Aimee Rose – 14 months

Aimee –

You are at such a lovely lovely age… it is so nice to see you exploring your world.  At 14 months ish you are:

  • Walking like you have been for years.  You first started walking on 29th May 2013 at about 13.5 months.  It is interesting that all our kids walked at a very similar age.
  • You are 74cm tall.  And Weigh:
  • You have a such a cheeky grin.  You blink your eyes at new people when greeting them or if you are doing something naughty you will try it on with a cheeky look and an eye flutter!
  • You love cats!  You get fully excited to see a furry feline.  You are quite interested in Indy – Indy doesn’t really like you that much and growls at you.  Not fun!  Hopefully the interest dies off soon.
  • Your favourite book (yes you have one!) is definitely Hairy MacLary’s Scattercat.  Followed closely but Zacquary Quack.  But the other Hairy MacClary’s don’t rate as highly at all.  You usually read these books in your high chair.
  • You are enjoying pushing around the little pushchair when your big sister lets you.
  • You enjoy sitting on the little chairs and playing with the dolls house furniture.  You can proficiently climb up and down on the couch too.
  • You are eating baby muesli with pear puree for breakfast, lunch is usually a fruit pouch, sandwiches and other snack foods and dinner is whatever we are eating usually.  Except you must use a fork!  Basically, I put the food on your fork on your tray and you put it in your mouth!   Like Taylor you are definitely a savoury girl.
  • You are having three bottles a day.
  • Sometimes you are sleeping through the night.  If you wake you only wake once.
  • You love potato sticks.  Often you get these in the car on the way to getting Taylor from creche.
  • You always steal Taylor’s dummy in the car.
  • You have a cute as double crown.  Not sure how cute that will be in later life.  You have the LEAST amount of hair out of the three kids.
  • You have the most beautiful coloured eyes.  I can’t describe them at all.  They are difficult to capture in a photograph.  They are still grey/green in colour.
  • The words you can say: ball, bath, more, Indy, (Indy) out, daddy, mama, car (I think), baby (Sort of)
  • When you are tired you cuddle into my shoulder.
  • You tend to sleep all morning (about 930am) and often I have to wake you to get Taylor from creche.  You will often fall asleep in the car and easily transfer which I could never do with Taylor.
  • You like music and dances to the wiggles. You can do some of the actions to Hot Potato already!
  • You really enjoy playing with the Leap Frog letters and the Leap Frog Barnyard that sits on the fridge.
  • You know that you tap the screen and swipe on the ipad or iphone screen.  You hold up phones to your ear and pretend to talk when you get hold of one.
  • You can pull a good tanty when you don’t get what you want.
  • If I had to describe you I would say you are my smiley kid, you are mostly content and enjoy exploring the world, you are more settled than Taylor was at the same age – more like Liam was at the same age and would play for bit before getting bored.  You aren’t talking as much as Taylor was at the same age.    You are heavier than Taylor but lighter than your brother.  I’m looking foward to seeing what adventures you get up too as your grow up!

Taylor at 14.5 months and Taylor at 13.5 months (which also says what Liam was doing at this age too!)

Will get this posted too.  Will update weight when Aimee wakes up!



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