Happy Birthday – Liam


It is a super busy time of the year for us for birthdays.  With Aimee’s first birthday on the 10th April, a new nephew, Boston on 18th March, and my new wee niece, Minka born on the 1st April and my sister born on the 30th March and Minka’s mummy (my other sister) on the 28th April!  It has been requested that we get no more birthdays in March or April please.  Maybe July or November (not me of course but the others in my family can lol).

So Liam turned 9 yesterday (23rd April).  Gosh it does seem strange to say big 9 !  He is definitely starting to look and feel more pre teen than young boy.  His moods definitely match the pre-teen bit too.

We had a good day yesterday after both Aimee and Taylor being sick since last Thursday and over the weekend with Hand Foot and Mouth it was actually nice to have well children and get out and do some fun stuff for his special day.

We started off with present opening and a lazy morning whilst waiting for Aimee to wake from her nap and then we headed off to pick up Birthday cupcakes.  Then birthday haircut – man that was overdue.  We went for more of a grown up style after growing it for quite some time (insert just not getting around to getting it cut!)  The problems being you see is the lovely cowlicks he has been blessed with one at the front and one at the crown. Lucky boy .. he doesn’t think so.


Next, I decided to brave Chipmunks with 3 children and yes school holidays.  Liam is almost a wee bit big for this activity but goes along with the fun mostly.  It was wet and I needed the preschoolers to be entertained as well.  We grabbed some lunch there and a coffee which was actually surprisingly good!

Back home and both girls fast asleep in the car so I transferred them both to their beds for naps and Liam played his new lego LOTR wii game for a few hours.  According to Liam he gets unlimited computer time on his birthday…

At about 4pm, Daddy came home early and we picked up Liam’s friend Logan and headed out to play a game of ten pin bowling with Aunty Nicole and Uncle Ryan.  We wont talk about how badly I played or who won.  The kids had one lane (Liam, Logan, Taylor and Aimee) – the boys shared Aimee’s turn and helped Taylor with her bowling.  Taylor didn’t really get it and quite happily rolled her bowl down the ramp and then took off back to the chips for more nourishment before the pins were even down. Grandma turned up to hold a grizzly Aimee.

We decided to head home for pizza, burger fuel and shakes for dinner so the boys could play Liam’s new game and shoot some hoops!

So a pretty good day!

I know I do this little milestone thing for the girls but I never did with Liam so I thought I would do a wee little bullet point list of what Liam at aged 9.

Liam –

  • your height is 135cm – it feels like you have just shot up again!
  • your weight is 30.5kg in your converse high tops!
  • you are definitely long and seem all legs in your short league shorts.
  • your favourite past times are – playing minecraft, watching minecraft you tube videos, playing computers, being on a computer, being on an ipad, being on an iphone… yep the theme of the day is screen.  We are trying to limit your usage by getting you to earn it by doing chores.
  • one of your other favourite past times is saying it is “not fair”.  And you quite like arguing back…. hmmmm  working on that!
  • you have just started playing 9th grade soccer and you are now travelling around playing other clubs and playing on bigger fields.  You are such a thinking player, you are always in space and your work ethic so far has been high but sometimes you do get a big grumpy about being told what to do or being subbed!
  • you are playing mini ball for school on Thursday nights.
  • you have just finished playing your first term of flippaball for school which you really enjoyed playing.
  • you are in Mr K’s class at school and we just had your 3 way interview at school and you are settling in well.  Things you are enjoying are maths, getting your you can spell books completed and being in your class with your friends.  Things you would like to improve on are writing, making more new friends and getting faster at completing your work.
  • you have just done your PAT testing at school for the beginning half of this year which   shows you as above average in most areas they test.  Well done !!
  • you finished another season of cricket with your team winning the competition.  You had lovely cricket coach and awesome team this year.

That is all I can think about for now!  Will add some photos in and sign off again.  Apparently, this computer is needed for more minecraft fun.


1970 02 03_6622_edited-1 1975 12 31_6621_edited-1 1970 02 03_6596_edited-1 1971 01 05_6592_edited-1 1970 02 03_6599_edited-1Ten Pin
1970 02 03_6635_edited-1 2013 04 23_6553_edited-1 2013 04 23_6534_edited-1 2013 04 23_6532_edited-1 1913 03 16_6632_edited-11970 02 03_6626_edited-1Cake
2013 04 23_6555_edited-1 1975 12 31_6638_edited-1


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