AR = 1

Well last week (maybe 2 weeks now!) we had a big birthday in our house… Aimee turned ONE!

Okay I am wee bit late with the blog post but she did come a week early… can that count!?!?

Aimee Rose at aged 1 this is what you are getting up to:

  • You weigh: 11.4kg
  • you are a wickedly fast crawler and have the cute I’m naughty and I’m going to get into trouble turn around and see if you are watching me look!  We have to watch that we can get things in and out of the pantry and fridge and cupboard super quick before you manage to sneak in
  • one of your favourite games is to climb on and over the little foam fold out couch.
  • you love being chased by your older siblings.  You tolerate cuddles from your 2.5 year old sister as well.
  • You are very paitent and dont mind hanging out in your car seat/pushchair/highchair waiting for your turn or just waiting in general!
  • you are very interested in keeping your dummy with you at all times.  Your dummy usually lives either in a car seat for the car or in your bed for bedtimes but you are pretty good and trying to keep it and bring it out of those places if we let you.
  • you are just starting to walk behind the walker when you want too. (on your first birthday)
  • you are getting more confident at walking pushing things around like your walker or the big car (23rd April 2013)
  • you have quite good balance and can stand for a few seconds before sitting slowly down (on your first birthday)
  • Just this week (20th April 2013) you can now confidentally let go and stand and hold something like a ball or clap your hands
  • words you can say: mama, dadda, ta, bath, round and round (yes the wheels on the bus go round and round!  this is a song we sing a lot around here as it is Taylor’s favourite song).  You are starting to form more and more sounds.
  • you have just started to point at things with your finger rather than your whole hand
  • you like playing peek a boo and will hide behind your hands when we say where has Aimee gone?
  • to get you to lie still for your nappy we have to sing to you.
  • you love water, you are doing things at swimming lessons which we definitely weren’t able to do with your siblings at the same age.  You dont mind the water in your eyes or going under water and love splashing.
  • you are still the messiest eater and you refuse to wear a bib (you just take it straight off which is a bit frustrating!)
  • you love finger foods – apple, pasta (as long as it has some sauce not plain), fish, crackers, little sandwiches, grapes, tinned peaches, tinned pineapple, pizza, chips hot and potato, potato sticks, poppa jacks, strawberry & cream wafers, curried salmon pie.
  • you still have mashed veges for dinner and fruit pouches and yoghurts and custards and the like.
  • for breakfast you don’t really like weetbix so you are having baby cereal with pureed fruit and a bit of formula
  • you have three bottles during the day.
  • you have only 4 teeth, top two and bottom two and do really well eating all those finger foods with not many teeth.  You are definitely a late teeth bloomer not like your siblings.
  • you still have such a social nature and are happy to smile and make faces at strangers but you do cry when we hand you to someone else.  Unless I am not in the room and then you fine but as soon as I come back you start crying.
  • you still rush to greet daddy when he comes home from work.
  • you are pretty adventurist just like your sister and you had your first little play on the playground outside New World yesterday.
  • you are just starting to go rigid and not let me put you in your car seat or your highchair when you don’t want to go in there.

one year comparison

Liam, Taylor and Aimee all aged 1.

Right going to post this one now – otherwise it will probably end up staying in the drafts folder forever!




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