I have been meaning to update my blog on Taylor for awhile as she is doing some seriously cute and some seriously not so cute things now she is a bit older!  I need to do it though as I know that looking back at her at this age – none of this information will be able to be recovered if I dont write it down.

Your favourite sayings at 2 and half years old.

  • ‘That’s mine’ or ‘that’s my one’ – usually in relation to something that Aimee has just gotten hold of.
  • ‘I don’t like it’ – usually referring to any sort of food you think you don’t like, you seem to think it should be for drinking water now too.
  • “I do it” or ‘I do it myself’ putting on shoes, cutting her food, putting on socks, eating
  • ‘I coming too’ usually followed by ‘me up too’ (referring to actually getting out of the car not just driving and picking something or someone up)
  • “Mummy coming too”, “Liam coming too”
  • “I walk”  when we are out… not so keen on going in the trolley or on the buggy board.  But you are pretty good about ‘walking’ and not running or getting into trouble.
  • “Liam – go to your room”  – this actually only happened once but hmmmm too cute not to include it here.  What does she hear often at the moment!!

You are most likely to be the ‘the A&E child’. Crikey you are a wee dare devil.  Antics include swinging from that bar at the top of the slide where you hold onto when sitting down.  Height of slide doesn’t seem to matter.  You also like to ride your car down the slight slope of the driveway and smack into the side of the house/front door to stop.  If there is a slope – you run down it.  Swinging from anything really is a fun occupation, the kitchen island bench is another fun option for you.

You are loving going to creche 3 mornings a week.  You follow the same routine when we drop you off – leaving you at the play dough table.  You are really into your singing and dancing at creche and right now we are getting lots of renditions of ABCD (that is all of that song) and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday to You, Wheels on the Bus go round and around. It is super cute hearing you singing away.  Today in the car you were also singing this little piggy went to market and then round and round (like a teddy bear) but only those bits of the song.

You are a real mummies girl.  “Mummy do it”  – I have to help you get dressed or put on your nappy or take you to bed.  Also “Sit on Mummy’s knee” is a very popular choice when it comes to having a bottle before bed.   It is actually quite hard for me to go out without taking you in tow.  There are usually a few tears if I do.

You enjoy shopping, going to the supermarket, the library, the park, going out really!

You still sleep most days… you would quite happily not most days but Mummy still likes her break during the day and you do still really need a wee nap.

Swimming is going really well.  Every time you swim we talk about saying hi to Zoe (her swimming instructor).  But she never says anything at all when prompted in class!!  All morning she is saying it until the actual lesson.  Often before she swims she talks about ‘reaching and pulling’ (a bit like doggy paddle) and ‘kick kick kick’ which is what we say when we swim.  She is getting better at jumping in without help and is swimming with her bubble and one rubber ring on each arm (not arm bands).  You aren’t too far off being able to swim in the pool without mummy or daddy.  She isn’t too keen on the whole floating on our back thing!!

You are pretty much toilet trained during the day!!  You did this pretty much after Christmas and only wear nappies to bed.  You definitely still need nappies when you are sleeping.  The only accidents we have are when you are on the ipad or in the car.  Totally distracted I think when using the ipad!  So totally different to your brother!    I hope Aimee follows in your footsteps.

Green.  Everything is the green.  What is that colour – Green, What is your favourite colour Green.  Still working on colours.  But you love sitting down and drawing and colouring.  You are quite adament that you have to write your name and then Aimee’s name and then Liam’s name and then Mummy’s name etc.  Sometimes you are drawing what looks like writing – like lots of little  MMMMMMMMM on the page.  You definitely get the concept of colouring in.

An Example :

1970 02 03_4584_edited-1Green of course!

We are pretty sure you are more right hand dominant although you will still use your left hand occasionally.  You aren’t as numbers focussed as Liam was at the same age and I think you can count to four!  I’m sure Liam was rattling off numbers left right and centre at the same age.

You are really a treasure to be around!  And are growing up into your own little person!  Yes we do get a few tantrums but honestly mostly you are pretty good.  You are forever hanging around a sports field or doing a school run – but nothing really phases you.  You are pretty good with Aimee apart from snatching away ‘your’ toys.  You will often be trying to give Aimee a hug at at the time. Aimee often pulls your hair and you take it like a little trooper!    If Aimee is in bed and cries you are the first to want to go up and ‘say hi to Aimee’ as you would say.

Weight: 14.5kg
Height: 95cm approx

1970 02 03_4782_edited-1

First face paint = Albany Lakes Race 3 – March 2013


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  1. love it…what a great write up!!!
    and go green ah!!!

    glad creche is going so well…and yeah playdough table it a popular to say goodbye to mum!!

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