AR – 10 months old

AR at 10 months:

  • You weigh: 10kg (which is slightly heavier than your sister but lighter than your brother)
  • You are wearing bigger clothes than Taylor was at this age.  You can quite happily fit in size 1 or 12 to 18 months but also can fit in size 0 or 6-9 months clothes depending on the brand.
  • You still only have 1 tooth.
  • just before 10 months (on Waitangi Day) you started to crawl a wee bit and then flop down on your tummy.  By the weekend (at 10 months) you were off confidently.
  • Not long after you this you were attempting to pull yourself up on things.
  • At 10.5 months you can pull yourself up in your playpen, your cot, the couch, you can stand at the fisher price table and hold on and play one handed.
  • You are just starting to move around the furniture if you want to get something (like the remote control for the dvd player (today 19th February).
  • You are happiest when roaming around exploring your world. Particularly you like remote controls, telephones, ipads and Indy dogs (the last one isn’t so excited about you).
  • Often find you crawling with something in your mouth for safe keeping.
  • You are just starting to wave a bit more often and open and close your fists.  You enjoy clapping too.
  • You do this sweet little body twist to move in closer to us when you dont want to be put in your high chair.
  • You are the messiest eater !!  You also like to put your fingers in your mouth whilst we are feeding which makes it doubly difficult to actually gain access to your mouth.
  • You have just started to stand up in your cot and throw out your dummy (this reminds me a lot of your sister !!)
  • You love smiling at the camera and will look directly at it.
  • Your eyes are a bluey grey colour with maybe a hint of green. Wish I could capture it in a photo well.
  • You have just started swimming and giggled through your first lesson.  You don’t mind splashing a bit of water on your face and coped well with unders on your second lesson.  You are swimming in a parent and toddler class and some of the kids are Taylor’s age.  But that is because Mummy knows what to do in the pool and really teaching swimming is more about teaching the parents what to do in the pool such as holding on, reach and pull, kicking, blowing bubbles and the like.
  • You are still waking most nights and having a bottle.
  • You are having 3 bottles and day and fruit purees, mashed vegetables, yoghurt, and sampling things off our dinner plates.  You and Taylor quite happily share potato sticks in the car on the way home from creche.
  • You are having 2 day sleeps.  A morning sleep and afternoon sleep.

Some snapshots of YOU at 10 months

1970 02 03_4482_edited-1 1970 02 03_4486_edited-1 1970 02 03_4488_edited-1 1970 02 03_4511_edited-1 1970 02 03_4517_edited-1 1970 02 03_4560_edited-1 1976 02 07_4530_edited-1


Linking back at Taylor at 10 months here


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