Right now

Watching :: an old episode of private practice on my mysky, and toys scattered from one
End of the lounge to the other. Jigsaw puzzle anyone?
Eating :: smoked salmon and avocado on corn thins
Listening :: to the sounds of the tv, the landscaper in the garden, and listening out to see if one of the children who is napping is awake
Waiting :: for birthday month to begin, a trip to Melbourne, and for cricket practice this afternoon
Doing :: half way through cleaning up the toys, the washing, and thinking about how to fit in dinner tonight
Loving :: family holidays to the beach with perfect weather, getting a new garden and that both girls are napping together
Planning :: a decluttering spree, Melbourne, running tonight, birthday month, and how to get through the rest of my day with a teething baby and a bored toddler
Buying :: um trying to buy nothing as I’ve well over spent in January! But on my wish list is a canon selphy, a 50mm lens, a gps watch, a raskog trolley in Melbourne hopefully, tickets to brisbane and at some point Sydney too, accommodation in rotorua, some amber beads for Aimee seeing as her sister won’t give up hers
Wearing :: my running bare bright yellow t shirts and khaki shorts and green havaianas
Reading. The third one of the girl with the dragon tattoo on my iPad and a Harlan Coben novel from the library. No idea what it is called…

And Aimee is awake… Thanks Hannah for the cool idea of blogging the here and now!


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