8 months, 9 months and 9.5 months Aimee Rose

This blog post has been in draft for oh about a month!!  So forgive me if it is a bit of a ramble.  Just don’t want to miss out on posting things.

Wow!  9 months old today you are Aimee Rose.  Where do the months go?  I missed your 8 months blog post but realistically you weren’t doing anything amazingly different than you were at 7 months.  So will just post your weight and height and a couple of things on this post so I have a record of it.

8 months

  • Weight: 8.86kg
  • Length: 70cm
  • Head Circumference: 44.8cm

9 months

  • You are babbling now… da da da da and ba ba ba ba
  • You are wearing a mixture of size 6 months and up to size 1 in clothes.  Often you will be accidentally wearing something that Taylor still fits as Daddy can’t figure out what belongs to whom.
  • You still have no teeth!  Maybe one bump at the bottom coming soon…
  • You are having 3 meals a day.  Baby Rice and fruit for breakfast, Fruit or yoghurt for lunch, mixed up veges for dinner.  You are trying out some finger foods.. but it is a bit harder without teeth.  Yesterday you tried a whole piece of apple and loved sucking on that!  You aren’t eating as nearly as much finger foods as Taylor was at this age.  You like your mum mum crackers and grated cheese.
  • You are moving in your own little way.  Put you down and somehow by reaching to grab things and moving your legs you are shuffling inches forwards and end up moving a fair distance over time.  Put you on your tummy and you swivel around and go backwards a bit.  Soon… it won’t be long before you are moving for proper!  You are very close to being able to go from sitting to your hands and knees.
  • You love going out and seeing new things, so interested in people around you.  Tend to cry at strangers or Grandad when you haven’t seen him much for awhile. Definitely you like to be close to us.
  • You often squeal at your brother and sister!  Love pulling hair and have taken an interested in Indy and we have to watch out you don’t pull his tail or his ear.
  • Aimee clapped her hands properly for the first time on 8th January 2013.  Just before 9 months old.

9 mont comparion

This is so late in posting… Aimee is doing loads of cool new  things now she is a bit older!

At 9.5 months

  • Weight: 10kg
  • You cut your first tooth between 9 and 9.5 months.
  • You are now having 3 meals a day and snacks in between.  Baby Rice for breakfast, Fruit and Yoghurt for lunch.  Veges pureed for dinner.
  • You are getting better at finger foods.  You are now eating toast, small sandwiches, Mum Mum crackers, cooked pasta, grated cheese, chicken, hot chips, you love sucking and breaking off bits of apple  (the gag reflex is working really well!), biscuits, rice, morning muffins with coffee at Hahei.
  • You react with a red rash around your mouth when you come in contact with tomato sauces even if there is only a small amount of tomato on the pasta or lasagna so we have stopped giving you too much of our dinner.  Hopefully, this is something you will  grow out of as you get older.
  • Over the holidays you have gotten into a nice little routine of a morning and afternoon nap.  Usually, you go back to sleep 2 hours ish after you wake in the morning and depending on your morning wake up time another couple of hours in the afternoon. Unfortunately, with school starting tomorrow this will be disrupted.  It was nice while it lasted.
  • You are full on going from sitting up to hands and knees and sometimes you get back again.  You managed to worm your way around to get things that you are interested in.  Gary predicts you will be crawling by the end of the week.
  • You had your first taste of sand at Hahei!  You weren’t too phased by the change of scenery, took it in your stride… change of beds – no problem.  In fact!  You loved sharing a room with your brother and sister!!
  • You wont keep a hat on for love nor money!  So frustrating when it is full on summer and we are at the beach!
  • You like to have conversations with your sister Taylor, Aimee is mimmicking sounds. Mostly in bed at Hahei and also at the table eating dinner.  You are making new sounds but no ma ma ma ma yet.
  • You wear a very wide range of clothing sizes.  From 3-6 months to size 12-18 months.  I think in the last month you have grown and are wearing clothes that Taylor got when she turned 1 years old and you are only almost 10 months!
  • You still have your little mohawk.
  • You are really ticklish.
  • You enjoy playing with balls, bits of Taylor’s tea set, pop up pets, your letterbox, and you have started to rock your exersaucer like it is a swing… days might be numbered  on that one!  You have also taken an interest in the TV.
  • You have such unique coloured eyes.  Blue at times and Grey/Green at other times.  So hard to capture in a photo:

2013 01 24_3809_edited-1 2013 01 24_3851_edited-1Moving Around

1970 02 03_4426_edited-1


Right, going to finally finally post this post!



2 thoughts on “8 months, 9 months and 9.5 months Aimee Rose

  1. Hi Mchelle…I think that Grandad needs to see litle one more often..He could do some park visits!!! Do so love catching up on your lovely family and have missed seeing your works at Scrappin Patch. Great that I see it this way. Cheers

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