2012 in review

Hello 2013!

I have been meaning to post here for a couple of days but the nice weather has been keeping me away from the computer !! I thought I would do a combine post of our year in review by months (like Hannah did on her blog recently) and my favourite scrapping layouts for the year.

January 2012

Hahei 2012 – gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous weather!  Camping with a mobile Taylor went reasonably well.  I can’t wait to go in a couple of weeks time.  Next, a last minute trip booked to Wellington for the weekend – lots of walking, TePapa, and high tea at Sweetpea with Mandy.

Challenge 15 NEW

February 2012

My 34th birthday, a weekend away at Kai Iwi lakes and the Bay of Islands road trip.

Once Upon a Sketch

March 2012

Taylor started at creche (the same creche Liam went to when he was little). Concreted in the stairs and built all the gates to child and dog proof the back yard!

Technique Post SP

April 2012

Big month this month. An early appearance of Aimee Rose on the 10th meant an ambulance ride to Hospital.  A week and a bit later Liam turned 8.  We adjusted to life of a family of 5.

Challenge 24

May 2012

Hmmmm, what happened in May!  Still adjusting to life with 3 children.

CMH Hoopla Word Happy

June 2012

Visit from my sisters from Brisbane and Sydney with their boys Mako and Roman.  Still adjusting to life with 3 children.  Taylor wore goggles and a swimming cap at swimming for the first time.


July 2012

First school holidays with 3 children.  Took the kids to Kiwi Valley Farm.  Taylor had her first ride on a pony and Liam enjoyed riding a big horse.  Taylor did lots of playing with her picnic basket.  Taylor slept in a big girl bed for the first time. She spent a lot of time sleeping on the floor and not in her bed.


August 2012

Aimee started sleeping in her own room and in a cot.  Gary and I celebrated 10 years of being married with a 9 course degustation meal at the French Cafe – we were the last to leave the restaurant and were personally escorted to the door.  That is what happens when you don’t arrive to dinner until 8:30pm.


September 2012

Gary turned 40.  Aimee and I had an ambulance ride to Waitakere Hospital and a few nights stay for Bronciolitis.  Taylor turned 2. Taylor and I joined Chloe and Sarah at one of the last Wiggles concerts.  Gary ran the Arthur Lidiard Half Marathon.

2012 09 18_1098_edited-1

October 2012

We had a big storm and lost power for the night.  Aimee moved out her capsule and into a big girl carseat.  Liam started to play his 4th summer of cricket.  Gary ran the Auckland Half Marathon.

2012 10 22_2223_edited-1

November 2012

Liam, Aimee and I went with Aunty Nic to visit Shannon, Shade and Mako in Australia.  Mummy spent up large at Target, Big W and Ikea.  We went to SeaWorld.  Gary and Taylor had adventures back home and went to the Zoo, lots of walks, and a bus trip to pick us up from the Airport.  Liam took part of the big Pacifica and Kapa Haka performances at Onepoto School.  Liam’s mini ball team won their mini ball league.

Challenge 36

December 2012

I restablished my scrap table in the lounge, coloured my hair darker again, Taylor started to use the toilet regularly and is in knickers most of the time at home.  Visited  the Stanmore Bay Railway and then a swim at Manly beach.  Found out I made the D’lish Scraps Design Team but then couldn’t tell anyone!

2012 12 04_2840_edited-1

So that is 2012 … in a nutshell.  I am looking forward to seeing what 2013 brings, getting to meet my new nephew and niece in Australia.  Hopefully gettting to visit them!   Life with 3 kids is pretty crazy and chaotic!  It will be interesting to move on from babies and into toddler and preschool years with my girls.  Liam will be in year 5 so senior school… and getting to do some fun stuff like overnight camp at Merc.  I am also excited about where my creativity will take me this year…


3 thoughts on “2012 in review

  1. You have had a super busy year – becoming a mum of 3! I think it’s great to look back over the highlights. Thankfully I had prepared my post in advance and scheduled it, because there was no way I would have been near my computer yesterday – the weather was far too amazing! Hopefully it’s this good for Hahei in a few weeks time ;-)

  2. The kids sure have kept you busy over the year. I think you have done a great job of juggling everything and hope that you have a wonderful summer holiday. Congrats on your spot with D’lish

  3. wahoooooooooooo cool review of year!!!
    canNOT believe that it was a year ago you and I were having high tea at sweet pea!!!
    time flies!!!


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