Right now

Day one of the long Christmas holidays…

Listening: to the sounds of Liam engaging Taylor in the some little people play.  The sounds are getting closer… as Liam brings all the Little people into the lounge.

Seeing: a pile of cushions on the floor where Taylor has dumped them yet again.  Why do I bother!?  It is only the third time I have tried to relocate them back into their rightful place.

Smelling: not much really… ideally freshly popped popcorn or home baking would be nice!

Now seeing: Liam and Taylor have now made into the lounge with all the little people stuff.

There goes 2 mins of peace and alone time for me this morning!  Need to think of ways to entertain to children .. luckily the 8 year old does like to play silly games and gets excited when new toys come out but realistically they are in quite different stages of what they like (or can do!)

How is everyone else entertaining their kids for the holidays!!  Right now the play tent is making an appearance again after Liam not having time to play in it yesterday and of course the cushions are ending up inside there as well.  Hopeless attempt at your home and garden styling is completely out of the question now.   Little people and various farmyard, train tracks and farmyard items are scattered around the whole downstairs… think tornado .. yep sanity is going to be tested for sure!

Right morning tea time…


2 thoughts on “Right now

  1. Oh I remember those days…bed sheets became tents draped over the chairs and table. Picnic lunches under the table which had become a hut as well. Lego all over the coffee table when it became a village for the dolls and matchbox toys. Time goes so quickly and now the next generation are doing the same stuff. Relax and enjoy, time passes so very quickly!!!

  2. I was thinking about how much harder it must be with Liam and Taylor at VERY different ages and stages … but it sounds like they do play together pretty well! Ethan did (and still does) play ‘younger’ games with Tyler quite happily, but just doesn’t admit to anyone else (especially his friends) that he enjoys them!

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