Happy Tuesday everyone!

Man some days it just feels like you have had a whole week when really only 2 days are down.  Maybe it is just the silly season or could be that I solo parented for a night, Indy is sick and dealing with that and doing lots of baking etc for school for the PTA this week.

To keep me sane I did some scrapbooking on the weekend but can’t show you that yet.  In the meantime, I can share with you a layout that I have created using Crazy Monday Kits.  To be honest, I haven’t created enough with the kits I have gotten in the last few months so it is my mission to get creating and use them all up.  I also must admit I am totally sold on the kit idea.  For several reasons really

  1. I love how everything coordinates… the hard part is sorted for me.  What goes with what… what should I choose (have loads of trouble with that bit) and when I sit down to create … it just seems easier!
  2. I love that each month I get happy mail… I’m kinda lucky as my happy mail usually comes with a happy hug, sometimes a coffee date or maybe even a Albany carpark drive by whilst someone is honking their horn at us.
  3. I love embellishments so kits are great for that… lots of wee bits and pieces you get and ones that I don’t have to find myself OR buy large quantities of…
  4. I love alphabets… need I say more.. they come with alphas = happy me!
  5. My scrapbooking spend has actually decreased.  Before I was totally shop happy… but you know how easily it is to just add things to your cart and hit check out.. presto!    This also helps the storage issue… although I have enough in my stash to please like 100 scrapbookers for a year sometimes it feels.
  6. It is supporting local.  I know yes we can get everything cheaper and better from offshore.  But .. if we don’t spend here then soon there won’t be any here to choose from.  I used to get SC kits.  And I loved them… and they were really good value but honestly I can’t say I have missed them… nor do I pine for them.

Okay you have heard why I love them… check out my layout using a brand of products NOT AVAILABLE here from ILS.  (oops reason number 7 right there… hard to find and exclusive products might head your way if you are lucky…)

CMK - Big Bro

Got the sewing machine out for this one… what a mission. But pleased I did.  Love the texture sewing creates on a layout.  The goodies from ILS fitted in perfectly with AC Dear Lizzy and of course white tags… who can live without those.

Have a great day everyone…



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