Taylor 26 months

I think… you get past the 2 year milestone and you probably should stop counting in months.

Anyway…Taylor at 26 months:

  • Is a big copy cat.  Anything you say or do she either imitates or parrots back at you.  It is a lovely age… her vocab is developing into proper language, sentences and actual meaningfulness.
  • If you ask Taylor questions about something you generally always get a no or a YUP.  It doesn’t matter if it actually happens.  Like when you ask Taylor about creche.  Did you play outside?  Yup Did you get wet? Yup  Did you play with the playdough?  Yup  Did you do  painting at creche? Yup  Did you play with the elephant at creche?  Yup (um no elephant at creche). Did you play with Liam at creche?  Yup (definitely no Liam at creche!)
  • On the way home you often ask wherewagoing (it comes out all together like that I can’t even pronounce exactly the way you say it.  I say we are going home… and this usually met with no no no.. no home. Lately it has turned into Going shopping?  Um cute!
  • In the car after creche you ask ‘bottle car?”  clearly hoping that there will be one for you waiting to be drunk.
  • You walk around saying Aimee Rose in a sing song voice.  Sometimes you walk around saying Mummy Rose in a sing song voice.
  • You are getting better at counting… usually it goes 2…4….6….18.
  • You can sing parts of ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • You like to go beep beep on other people’s noses.
  • You also can’t sit still on anyone’s lap.
  • You often spot playgrounds out of the car window…
  • You can identify a circle and a triangle
  • You often point to written words and say Taylor.  You can identify a T.
  • You love doing your big brothers Thomas the Tank Engine ‘puzz’ (puzzle).
  • You are just starting to say Uncle Ryan and Aunty Nicole
  • We always have to chase you around to get you dressed.
  • Some of your favourite foods include Ham, tinned pineapple, cheese, pasta, rice, crackers and chips.  You dont really like to eat vegetables but we try and hide them occasionally so you still get them.
  • You have just started to sit at a little booster seat at the table as Aimee has graduated into your mocka highchair.
  • You still switch from right hand to left hand  but is starting to hold a pen nicely in your right hand.
  • Your weight is 14.1kg and wear mostly size 2 and 3 clothes.
  • We are currently growing out your fringe.  It will be a few more months before it can be fully pulled back into a pony tail.
  • You are still doing nice afternoon sleeps of usually a couple of hours (long may that last!)
  • Sometimes you ask to go to tunnels (aka McDonalds)!!
  • You can be often found eating ‘chips’ when we are at Liam’s after school activities.

That is all I can think of that you are doing right now!



One thought on “Taylor 26 months

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhh i love the write up on Taylor….love the tunnels!!!

    as for what did you do at creche…..every day i get asked by parents how to find out what their children did ALL day!! lol…..i tell them it is best to ask Q’s that require more then a yes or no…..like what colour was the playdough??? what did you paint with?? (ie dye, paint…) what swings were put out??? what story did you read at mat time?? who did you sit with at MT or Lunch…of course T is a bit younger….but the first one may work!! lol

    love hearing how she is changing…she is getting so big so quickly for sure!!!

    and post below….. (i am behind in GR)
    i love that you went to OZ…..sounded so warm!!!
    and so jelly you went to IKEA!!!

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