It’s the silly season… an update on life


I thought it was time to do a quick update on life in our household at the moment.  I really honestly don’t know what happened to 2012.  It is December almost and even though the Christmas tree and decorations are out of storage – I’m still a wee bit in denial that the big event is just around the corner.

Right straight into it because who knows if this will get finished before one of the kids need me.


Has almost finished Y4.  He has had a great year at school this year.  He has been really involved in lots of different things – he is lucky his teacher this year looks after the kapa haka and multicultural performance groups at his school so Liam was in both.  Last Friday he performed at the Multicultural festival at Onepoto school.  There are over 80 schools in the festival.  We went along and watched his school perform and they looked and sounded amazing. It has been such a commitment for Liam as most of the practices have been at lunchtimes and it was the common reason why not all of lunch was eaten.  Oh I had to go to Kapa Haka practice… okay then.

These are actually taken at the school gala back in May. I didnt get any photos of Liam at the festival but I did get a video… not sure how to upload here though.

Liam also doing loads of sport!  He is playing summer touch and just finished playing mini ball for school as well as cricket for club and still swimming.  I am a little pleased that mini ball has finished … so now that is one less after school activity to drag the girls too.   Their mini ball team ended up winning the final two weeks ago…

At swimming, Liam has turned into that big kid on the ‘other’ side of the pool that we used to watch and go wow… they can really swim.  Right now they are learning a medley of strokes butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle so that they can start to learn TURNS.  He has really good technique and is much better than he thinks he is at swimming.

Brisbane Trip

Two weekends ago, I took Aimee and Liam to visit Shannon, Shade and Mako in Brisbane.  It was a whirlwind trip, but a fun one all the same.  We left Auckland early on Friday morning and came back the following Tuesday.  I managed to visit enough shops to satisfy the ‘target’ cravings and ‘ikea’ cravings.  We also took the kids to Seaworld on the Monday.  It was super nice to hang out with Shannon and the clan… and the weather was hot although a wee bit stormy it didn’t really effect what we got up too. It reminds me how cool it is to reconnect… facetime and skype are good but it is nice to get to spend some time in the same room !!  Whilst we we were gone Gary and Taylor had some adventures together, including a visit to the Zoo and a long bus trip to the airport to meet us on Tuesday.  I think they had a great time…


Above collage: Gary taking photos of Taylor’s adventures.. Below collage: Snapshots of our holiday.  Click on the collages to enlarge.

Aimee Rose

Will do a proper post on Aimee in a week or so time when she turns 8 months.  But right now, she is almost sitting by herself without falling over.  She will sit for ages and then sort of topple to the side so still some cushions needed.  She was really good in Australia and on the plane.  Mostly happy and easy to please.  She is definitely starting to have separation anxiety… walk away and she cries all the time.  I thought this didn’t happen until  9 months ish.  Hope she grows out of that phase soon.

Had better get this posted… before I go I don’t think I have shared this layout I did for Scrappin Patch.  It is using Bo Bunny Detour Range.  Funny enough, the photos on this layout are from our last Brisbane/Gold Coast Holiday.


One thought on “It’s the silly season… an update on life

  1. So good to read an update, since I feel like I’m terrible at emailing you and haven’t seen you for yonks! Too long!! We must catch up. Sounds like Liam has had an awesome year. I can’t believe he’ll be year 5 next year … it doesn’t seem like he’s much older than Tyler, but a whole year older at school seems like heaps. Especially since Liam will be in the senior school … only 2 more years and he’ll be off to intermediate like Ethan! Love the photos of your trip. Even though it wasn’t long, it sounds like you fit lots of fun things in.

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