Aimee Rose – 7 months

Another month down the track.

Aimee you are now closer to being 1-year-old than O.

At 7 months old you –

  • Weigh: 8.3kg (on our home scales)
  • Can’t quite sit up by yourself yet.  You can sit for a few seconds but you tend to topple over.  It wont be long though.  Note – TG sat at 6 1/2 months and Liam sat at 7 1/2 months.
  • Are starting to roll over a bit more with purpose.  Before the last couple of days you weren’t really interested in rolling at all but NOW You see Taylor building a tower of blocks you rolled over to venture closer.  This morning I found you on your tummy surrounded by books.
  • Are no longer wrapped up to sleep.  You are sleeping in an ergo cocoon but with your arms free.  You sleep with a dummy and your dolly.  And like to play with your cot toy when you wake up.
  • have a fascination with a toy doll (aka dolly).  It is funny how Taylor has a baby and you have a dolly.  Maybe it is a differentiation thing.  You get very very excited to see dolly when you go to bed.  It is nice that you have an attachment to a toy as it does make it easier to put you to bed… hoping that doesn’t become a problem down the road.
  • Like playing with taggys.  The tag of the dolly is pretty popular.
  • Are so placid, so alert and so interested in people.  You are a lot more social in nature than your siblings were at the same age. You love watching faces and you always have  big smiles for strangers who talk to you.
  • having small amount of breast milk but it is difficult to feed you because of ^^^ sociableness and nosiness about the world.  Still persevering on that front.  I have no idea how many bottles you are having a day…obviously a third child.
  • you wake 1 x a night for a quick bottle.  This is still going on from being sick.  Luckily daddy is good at giving bottles in the middle of the night.  Daddy bonding time?
  • Food.  Um solids yep.  Having trouble getting this one in the day!  You like pureed pear.  You throw up on pumpkin… perhaps a reflux thing.  Tried banana which you didn’t like and came up in a rash around the chin and cheek… allergic maybe?  Have some pureed carrots in the freezer for you to try too. Must do that this afternoon!  Note – Taylor was having finger food ALREADY!   Must do more of that!
  • You talk a lot, make cute growling noises and just LOVE seeing your brother and sister.  You definitely get excited and have lots of smiles for them when they come near.
  • No teeth!  But definitely fingers in your mouth continuously so maybe they are coming soon!
  • You are now in a big girl car seat (6.5 months) and sit in the middle of the car surrounded by your siblings.  Liam is pretty good, but Taylor does like to take your toys, your dummy and sometimes throw a leg your way.  But you don’t seem to mind.

Photos of you at 7 months




Just out of interest… Taylor at seven months was doing these things.




2 thoughts on “Aimee Rose – 7 months

  1. ohhhhhhhh i love that little brown spotty skirt!!!
    and lol on the carseats….my nieces/nephew is like that!!!!
    legs here and there!!!

    and from the post below…love that layout!!! just stunning!!!

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