Taylor turns 2!

Taylor is now 2!

I can no longer say that I have two children under two years old as Taylor turned 2 years old back oh in September! Yes I did mention that there is some serious blog neglect going on or perhaps time has just sped up and someone totally stole October 2012 right before my eyes!

We celebrated Taylor’s birthday with a little party at home and had a few of her friends come over and have morning tea, we hired some toys and got out the bouncy castel to bounce on. We had a fantastic Dora the explorer cake and wonderful cupcakes on a cupcake stand made by a mum of a friend that Liam goes to school with. Taylor got thoroughly spoiled with lots of lovely presents and I’m sure the number of babies that live in this house (baby dolls that is) has multiplied ten fold after her birthday!

So Taylor at two

  • You are very much a girly girl. You play with your babies, make cups of tea, bake in your pretend oven, and going on picnic adventures are all part of your regular play at home and at crèche. You are often off out shopping with your babies or putting them to sleep in their pushchairs. Unfortunately, your babies never stay dressed for any length of time, the poor things are probably cold, and tired of being redressed and undressed continuously.
  • You definitely know your own mind. You have an opinion on what needs to be done and when, what clothes you would like to wear and like things to happen in a certain way as they have always been done in the past.
  • You are so lovely and helpful and have a really practical nature. Always purposeful in your play and in helping mummy. You like to help by unloading the dishwasher, setting the table, putting away bibs and putting away socks in your drawer, getting mummy’s coke out of the beer fridge and putting rubbish in the bin.
  • You spend more time asleep on the floor than in your bed. Sometimes you think that your books make good pillows… You are starting to drop your day time nap even though you really do need to have a short nap. We have had to put a baby gate on your door to stop you from coming out of your room. Unfortunately, we have had to pretty much move everything out of your room as you think instead of napping destroying your room and emptying all your drawers is a much more enjoyable pastime.
  • It is mostly easy to take you out. You are getting good at shopping with mummy and like riding your buggy board on the pushchair. You are very good at listening to me and not running off and being patient when I get Aimee sorted.
  • You are loving crèche, you are starting to interact more with some of the other kids, love mat time and music and being outside in the water and sand. Quite often you go through several changes of clothes after getting wet and sandy.
  • You are talking heaps and we are getting lots of sentences. Things like where is my balloon? Also we will ask you something and you will answer yup. You also remember lots about what has happened in the past like when you whacked Aimee on the head with the iPad and she cried. Whenever you are doing the same thing again you always solemnly say. Aimee head. You are currently calling Liam ‘me’. And often says during the day ‘me school’. You also know when we are heading to places that your know are near. Like when we get close to crèche you say Taylor crèche or when we get near grandmas house you say grandmas house. It is fascinating watching your vocab grow right now.
  • Your are still really good with Aimee. You bring her toys and go say hi.  Yesterday, when Aimee was awake from her nap you headed up stairs to go and see her in her cot.  Unfortunately, you also gave Aimee her clothes for the day (Aimee thought they were great to chew on!) and attempted to get up close and personal and climbed into the cot. Perhaps a bit of supervision next time is a better plan.

Here are some photos of you at 2!


2 thoughts on “Taylor turns 2!

  1. hahaha our babies are like this at work!!! always naked!!!
    our poor teacher aide gets so worried for them all…lol

    and love that she gets ya coke out of the fridge!!! lol

    glad she had a great party!!! looks fun!!

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