Aimee Rose – 6 months on

Hello bloggy land!

Did you miss me?  So I am tempting fate here by blogging when both girls are napping.  Technically, they do have to wake up to get Liam from school but crap I hate waking them up!  Especially when it is BOTH of them.

Right so about oh a month ago beautiful Aimee turned 6 months (like next week so is 7 months!)  So Im a bit late with this one but I want to record something so I have something to look back on.

At six months

  • You have the classic Whorwood mohawk
  • You’re eyes are changing from bright blue to more of a grey blue.  I wonder what colour you will end up with?
  • You are a giggly happy thing 99% of the time
  • You have had your first major illness which required a hospital stay (Bronchiolitis) and we had two nights in hospital being fed by a tube.
  • You can roll from your front to your back
  • You weigh 7.4kg and are now on the 50th percentile for weight.
  • You are mix fed and I’m still breastfeeding (insert GO ME) you but you are probably having more formula than breast milk.
  • After your hospital stay you have started to wake up in the middle of the night for food.  Twice a night usually!!
  • You are now in a cot.  You transitioned really well and considering you were recovering from being sick too.
  • You are still wrapped up to sleep. In a wrap me up or an ergo cocoon.
  • You have no teeth… (awesome as not looking forward to that and breastfeeding). You are way behind your siblings on the teeth front.  Maybe you will get them all at once.
  • You are definitely more giggly, more happy and smiley.  You love to watch people’s faces and interact with everyone.
  • You are just starting to use your exersaucer with a rolled up towel for support.
  • We haven’t really started solids with you yet.  But you are getting more interested in food and will be starting you this month.

Aimee Rose – 6 months old!


2 thoughts on “Aimee Rose – 6 months on

  1. Wow, I can’t believe she is 6 months already! That’s such a gorgeous photo. Sounds like she is doing really well, and yes GO YOU on the breastfeeding! I made it to 12 months with Ethan and 18 with Tyler, so had to do it during/after teething … it honestly isn’t too bad, you just have to teach them not to bite from the get go. Take her off if she bites and lay her down on the floor. Try again in after 10 minutes, if she does it again, just repeat the process. They soon learn not to bite if they want their milk, hehe!

  2. wow six nearly seven month already!!! gosh time flies!!

    love that head band…and her mowhawk!!!
    i love that you document this….will be great to read when they get older for sure!!

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