Best laid plans

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Right so sitting here in a hospital room watching Aimee sleep isn’t what I planned to do today or even what I need to be doing but this is where we are at.  She is mostly good by the way just having some help feeding as she has broncolitis.  No idea how to link that but basically she is so little she has asthma type symptoms as her little tubes are all swollen and it means she has to work really hard to breathe.

Ok but that isn’t the start of the story..

It began last Tuesday when miss middle child became poorly.  Taylor seems to have just had numerous back to back colds this winter so I thought here. We go again.

On Wednesday I planned to take Taylor to crèche.  But she wasn’t well enough so we stayed home.

On Thursday she still wasn’t well enough to go to crèche and was unbelievably miserablea which isn’t like her.  I took her to the dr and she had a double ear infection and yes it would be miserable for her, quick antibiotic and drug stop at the chemist before heading to get Liam from school. At this point she was not to bad so I’m thinking great, once the anti bs kick in she will be back to her usual happy self.

As we had great weekend plans

Friday morning, the usual plan is to go to crèche… Taylor still sick.. Are these drugs working…I’m wondering

Inconsolable child, ring dr go back at 430pm. Yes, might just take awhile for the drugs to work, get more drugs on script, get drs number just in casthese we need to take her to starship for that wheeze he may here..

Saturday morning.. Planned to go to a birthday party but Taylor was def not well enough to go, but seemed a bit better.

Saturday evening, Gary planned to watch the rugby, but Aimee was 100% so I decided that I would just take her up to the after hours just before closing.

I didn’t plan to go to waitakere hospital by ambulance.  Gary didn’t get to watch all of therugby and I’m sure Nicole hadn’t planned on babysitting the two other children.

Sunday morning.. It’s wiggles day..  Planning this one for awhile.  Taylor was okay but not 100% so decided to go anyway.  She did ok. Mainly danced with mummy and cuddled a lot but no screaming..

Did a bit of merchandise shopping.. Yes I planned that!

It was a big specialbirthday for my lovely hubby..  Happy 40th birthday.. Planed to write a nice blog post but didn’t work out.  After the wiggles we planned to go and do a few things like tiki tour around Auckland.  

Liam about 1pm mentioned he was really hot and had a sore ear (so we dosed him with Pamol at the library cafe and we ended up just cutting it all short as the kids were all miserable by that Point.

Gary and I had planned to go have a dinner out, but… With 3 sick kids it just wasn’t going to happen.

Liam planned to go to school on Monday /  Tuesday but was sick at home

Gary had planned on going to work on Monday / Tuesday but well I guess you can gather how that worked out.

So the moral of this story is… Kids ruin all your plans… Jokes!

Adaptability is the key.  Gary will prob always remember what he did on his 40th.. It may not have been what he planned to do but it was memorable all the same…

And luckily we didn’t decide to go on a family holiday or have a great big party for his birthday as that would have been no fun at all with sick kids… So that was good planning.


3 thoughts on “Best laid plans

  1. Michelle! Are you in hospital now?? Or did you write that part on Saturday night? I hope it’s the latter and you are not back in hospital with Aimee. It’s so hard when your kids are all sick at the same time – although harder for you since you have 3 and I only have 2! I hope they all start to improve soon and that you have a much healthier weekend! xx

  2. oh no!!!!!!!!!!!
    poor thing…and poor you!!!
    hang in there Mama….
    as an asthmatic i can relate to not being able to breathe…is so so scary
    hope all the meds help all your kids asap!!!

  3. Hope you are all better soon….In the far distant past I remember a holiday..3 children, 12,10,2, chicken pox, measles, ear infection and cutting of teeth…12yrd old and 2 year old…Oh my gosh what a time in two weeks!!! It all passes and you remember the good things. Blessings Pauline

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