Goodbye tim tams

Hello chicken breast and spinach whole meal pitas…

Right trying out a wee blog post from the iPad. So it won’t have any pics and it will be shorter and sweet.

It is that time of the year when I think everyone starts to come out of the winter hibernation (unless you are really keen and don’t hibernate at all). Me I’m a bear! Seriously, the weather is warming up a wee bit, spring is around the corner and before I know it summer! Can’t wait !

Before then… I have a bit of work to do… Having spent a good chunk of the last year carrying a wee one internally I have indulged somewhat in the sweet tooth and a few tim tams. Okay there might have been a few cakes, cokes and other naughtiness too.

So I am swapping my tim tams and bad easy snacking of muesli bars for high protein and lower fat meals and celery and carrot sticks and humus or other healthy snacks.

The key for me is organisation, it is that last minute don’t have time to find something or make something which means I grab a biscuit or Muesli bar.

I am still breastfeeding so I am not trying to cut fat out of my diet or even diet at all because im still providing meals for two… Yay that means I don’t have to be too strict with my diet.

I also went out and brought a new hideously expensive sports bra yesterday so out walking I need to go too.

Just need to fit this in somewhere in between everything else!

So lunch is now over, full of chicken breast, it was super yummy, and super filling… Now to battle the I just want to eat something sweet craving and it will be all good.

Are you thinking about summer…about spring cleaning, are you trying to loose a bit of weight to fit into those summer shorts? Tell me what you are doing? What inspires you… Gets you out the door or just to stay away from those tim tams!

Would love to hear…

Take care


2 thoughts on “Goodbye tim tams

  1. Go you!! Sounds like you’re off to a great start.
    Lucky for me, I hate Tim Tams, LOL! But seriously, we all have our weaknesses and for me there are plenty of other chocolate biscuits that are hard to resist!
    Two weeks ago I started afresh with my new goal to lose 5kg before our Fiji trip (and ultimately 10kg before Christmas). I’m doing well so far, just focusing on making good food choices, eating when I am hungry and only eating as much as I need to be satisfied. It means my portion sizes have gone WAY down and I am often leaving food on my plate (something that was initially hard for me to do, as it seems like wastage). All my sweet cravings have pretty much disappeared and I haven’t eaten chocolate for weeks. Funny, because I thought it would be a lot harder than it is. What’s hard for me is putting equal focus on the exercise part. I can do REALLY well at one or the other, but doing both really well is difficult. For now, I’ve made the choice to focus 90% on my food because for me it is 90% of the problem/solution. Sill, I’m hanging out for DLS when I can run at 7pm again … can’t wait! Here’s to being healthy and fit for summer, both of us! :-)

  2. well done you!!!
    well INSIDE the house i have spring cleaned
    but as for me….i taking it slow….damm you arthritis….but once i walk i then spend the next few days in a lot of pain!!! so small walks often for me….my issue…what goes IN my mouth!!! sigh!!! WILL GET there…..hey not many sleeps till we hang out!!! Wahooooooooooooo

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