Aimee – 4 Months

Last week Aimee was 4 months old.

  • You weigh – 5.99kg (you have moved up from the 9th percentile to between the 25th – 50th percentiles)
  • Your height 61.5cm
  • You are still very smiley and are ticklish and giggle a bit too.
  • You are just starting to move around on your back a wee bit.
  • You are starting to coo and ‘talk’ more.  Super cute!
  • You are having 4 breast feeds and about 250mls of bottles (formula mainly) a day
  • You will either only do 30 min cat naps or 4 hours + and I have to wake you during the day
  • About 2 weeks ago we started you on Losec (for reflux) and you have been a much calmer baby.  More content even when you haven’t been asleep for ages.
  • You have your losec in a tablespoon amount of pureed pears in the morning and you really like your pears.  The plunket nurse raised her eyebrows at the amount I was giving you with the losec but you like it so I’m happy that you are having it.
  • You still cry a bit in the carseat but no way as bad as it was before.
  • You still sleep in your hammock, you look way more cozy in there than in your big spacious cot.
  • You are wrapped up in a wrap me up swaddle to sleep, you have a grey one and a blue one, and you have your dummy.
  • At night you sleep usually between 8-10 hours and if you wake up in the night to feed you are quite good about going back to sleep.
  • You have MUCH better head control than your siblings but then you have a MUCH smaller head too.

I can’t believe that you are already 4 months!  I’ve been getting up in the night for pretty much 4 months straight lol.. and surviving!  I must admit snuggling back under the covers after a night feed is SOOOO nice.  And that sleep is the best sleep ever.

Here is a couple more photos of you…

With Liam and Taylor after a feed..


Hanging with your mate Elliot (brother of Chloe!)



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