Taylor 22 months

Hi !

You know you haven’t blogged in so long you have to re-enter your log in details!  Yes that is me… I blame the children/sickness and life getting in the way.

So..I missed Taylor’s last monthly update but hopefully I wont want to know what she was doing at 21 months in the future.  Actually she is doing some pretty cool things now.

  • You Weigh 13.5kg
  • You are starting to string two words together.  Like for example Daddy home, Daddy Hi, Hi Aimee
  • You said your first little sentence on Tuesday 17th July. It was a mimic of what I said.  It was “Baby on the Wall” (in reference to me saying where are the baby’s on the wall at Grandma’s house).  That day when I got you out of bed that afternoon you also said ‘look at this’ when you wanted to have a look at the new Dora the Explorer Duvet which I brought for your new bed.
  • You greet everyone with Hi.
  • You have this one bib that you must wear.  You demand this one .. it is a bright blue one which says Little Miss Popular on it.  I don’t know why you are so attached to this one. It is horrible to put on and is too small  to do anything much useful as far as a bib goes!
  • You still happily eat lots of variety of foods.  This month you started grabbing spinach leaves and testing them out whilst I am cooking dinner.  It is so different to Liam but hey at this age Liam wouldn’t have been standing at the kitchen bench and helping with dinner. You have had tries of many vegetables before then have even been cooked but grabbing them off the kitchen bench.
  • You are still a noodle queen!  You love rice!  You will eat the same portion size as Liam or even more.  You are loving – Grandma’s soup, Curried Salmon Pie, anything spicy – curries, fried rice, noodles, sushi.
  • Still love savoury over sweet but quite likes chocolate.  And tries to grab the fruit bursts in the biscuit drawer often.  Not that you can eat those yet!
  • You are definitely are a  routine based girl.  When you are hungry you head to the drawer that holds your bibs and rummage through to find the one you like (which of course wouldn’t be at the bottom because it never actually makes it back to the drawer as it is washed and pretty much used again. In the mornings, you head to the drawer which holds the plates etc and finds yourself a bowl for your rice bubbles.
  • You are my big helper – follows me around everywhere.  It is actually easier to let you help rather than deal with the tears and the tantrums that follow if I don’t let you have access to the washing basket ! Yes I know… hoping this will continue on as you get older!  You happily put things in their place, bibs in the bib drawer, socks in the drawer that holds your things without prompting.  Now if only you could teach your brother to be so good at putting things away!
  • You notice that Indy needs letting outside so off you go and open the door for him and let him back in when he wants to come back inside.
  • You are loving water right now – at crèche you get soaking wet and never come home in the same clothes as you left in.  This flows over for your love of helping mummy with the dishes !  As soon as you see me washing anything in the sink you pull over your chair and ‘help’ and I think you would play with the water for hours if I let you.
  • You also like emptying the dishwasher!
  • Even since I started this post … yes it has been in draft for about 2 weeks!  Your speech is really coming along.  You mimic things I say… words like ‘ready’ or ‘tricky’ and the latest is your favourite toy of them all (the ipad)  which comes out as Ipee Ipee.
  • You can run You Tube like a champion and finds all the little videos.  We start off the wiggles and you end up searching most viewed and find things of babies in the bath or american children sliding on giant water slides into paddling pools.  Even some kid getting a tooth pulled out by tieing a piece of string around it and it being yanked… omg that is so wrong in some many ways… who does that and then who videos and puts it on you tube.  Anyway she is helping some of the videos get the most viewed by watching and watching them over and over again.  I can’t say I’m overly keen on you ‘playing’ on the ipad but right now it occupies you whilst I am feeding Aimee.
  • Swimming is going well.  You have just started to wear goggles and a you have your swimming cap which is helping you to feel better about going underwater.  You can confidently swim around with arm bands and your bubble and are just starting to blow bubbles yourself.
  • Biggest thing this month is you being in a big girl bed!  We put a Dora the explorer duvet on your bed and the first night you refused to get under the covers as you couldn’t see Dora anymore.  But It was mostly a smooth and easy transition.  The first week we found you in all sorts of places sound asleep.  Hanging off the bed – feet first.  Standing at your bookcase as if you had gotten out of bed and went over to the books but fell asleep before you could get one!  A lot of times asleep on the mattress on the floor – definitely don’t think you were falling out of bed as evidence by dummy in your mouth, two in your hands and the soft toy you were snuggling with!  You did explore your room a bit, trashed the drawers, made book soup and I had to do a bit of putting you back to bed but mostly now you are sorted.  It was a heaps easier transition than Liam was and you are actually sleeping better through the night as you were waking a bit in your cot!
  • You still tend to make a mess when you play and the house is completely covered by toys!  Your favourite toys at the moment are definitely your babies – there are about 4 of them in circulation.  You take them  for walks in your pushchairs and I have to dress them it feels like a hundred times a day.  You are also lovely your Leap Pad Picnic Basket and I brought you a tea set and you make little picnics and have tea parties and I get lots of cups of tea during the day.

I think that is it… gosh lots to say… sorry it isn’t really in any particular order just my jumbled thoughts and I would really like to get this one posted.

Taylor – you really are delightful wee thing, mostly happy but you definitely know what you do and don’t want!  It is fascinating watching you grow up and your little personality developing as you explore the world.  It is so interesting seeing what you get up too, the things you do which we haven’t nutured but are part of what makes you, you.  The classic nurture versus nature debate and possibly even gender specific differences with what our two kids prefer to spend their time doing.

Until next  time!



3 thoughts on “Taylor 22 months

  1. Aww, what a little doll. She is so gorgeous. I love that she is so helpful and wants to help you with all the household chores, that’s such a great start for her! Hopefully it continues :-)
    It sounds like she’s talking lots now. I love the ‘first sentence’ milestone, it’s just so amazing! I always get teary-eyed just thinking back to those moments with my boys. Soon she’ll be stringing lots of sentences together :-)

  2. i love it…and hee hee at the moving around the room and sleeping by he bookcase!!!
    love the way kids lie down when they move to beds!!!

    love the creche part too….best place for them to get wet and dirty!!!
    nice to have ya back online

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