Aimee @ 3 months

Whew school holidays over!  Part of me is super excited and another part of me is not.  I love all the things that school holidays represent… a break, no routines, no structure, no lunches but yes this all does come at a cost… you actually have to entertain the kids !  It has been nice to just be able to just BE.

So this morning, it is the start of the winter term, the 11 week winter term!  I am feeling slightly sorry for the teachers here.  Liam woke up again with the ‘tude… the reluctance to be told what to do and when to do it is something that doesn’t agree with his personality type (call him a taurus).  Right now we are working on writing up ‘routines’ for him to follow.  He likes lists and structure and hopefully he will like that I don’t have to tell him a 100 x to brush his teeth in the morning!!

So this morning, after nagging him again and again. I have the flip side of the problem with Taylor who is obsessed with doing things… like going up the stairs, to brushing her teeth to undressing herself and then redressing herself and demanding socks and shoes. Can’t win can I!

Right back to little Aimee Rose.  Yep she turned 3 months… okay it WAS last Tuesday 10th but being busy with the holidays and the cold that plagued me the second week.  I have only just gotten around to writing these things down.

AR – you are so cute!  I can definitely see your little personality coming through.  You are starting to get your own look… you don’t look like your sister and you are moving away from looking like your brother.

AR – you definitely recognise me … I get lots of animation and lots of smiles when I come into view.  I can almost get you to giggle when I tickle you!

AR – I think you are growing before my eyes… I haven’t been able to verify this on the scales as yet because it was POURING down with rain during the first week of the holidays and there was no way I was taking you out to weigh you!

AR – just in the last week you are starting to take to the dummy HALLELUJAH!  – thanks to Daddy who kept putting it back in last week.  This is helping you settle to sleep and you have been much better at that in the last couple of days… please long let this last!

AR – hmmm, you are being a little particular about the nipple shield and refusing to use it when you are super hungry.  You need and want it faster… demanding litttle thing that you are!  Mummy isn’t QUITE ready for this.  Lefty is okay but righty is not happy about it.  (yes I’m talking boobs!).  Managing to feed nicely off my left but still persevering with the shield on my right.  You are still having formula during the day. Usually around 200ml of extras!

Hmmm what else… I think that is all there is to report.  I do really need to arrange to weigh you at some point soon.  So I can record it and I will try to do a comparison of the 3 kids lookwise some point soon but right now I need to think about waking you up AR so I can feed you before the school run…ah the joys of the being back at school.

It is nice though…


edited to add:

Interesting to note:

  • Taylor already had brown eyes by this point
  • Liam had cradle cap and Taylor at some point did too but Aimee does not as yet.  I wonder if breastfeeding is impacting this.
  • Taylor was WAY chubbier!  But Liam was heavier!

4 thoughts on “Aimee @ 3 months

  1. Today’s peace was bliss:) happy birthday to Aimee! Go you getting her to take a dummy. I was never successful on that one:(

  2. She sure is growing up fast! I can’t believe she is 3 months already. Yay for the dummy, Ethan had one and he was my amazingly good sleeper, while Tyler refused and we had sleep issues for a long time! :-(

  3. ohhhhhhhhhh cute!!!
    well done on getting to 3 months!!! lol

    and yeah a longggggggggggggg term for us!!!! woah!!!!!!!!!!!

    and love the layout below too!!!…am in the middle of doing mine!!!!

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