AR – 12 weeks old


Quick school holiday post!

Aimee is now 12 weeks old (yesterday 3rd July). Okay firstly, where did June go?  I can’t quite believe it is July already.

Aimee is doing really well.  She is enjoying the school holiday break as this means that she gets to sleep whenever she needs without the disruption of every day lives of the toddler and the 8 year old.  During the day I am getting a long sleep at least once (a good 3 hours) and then sometimes a shorter nap.  With an overnight sleep of anywhere between 7-8 hours on average to 11 hours maximum!!

Obviously, this will change when school and creche goes back as Aimee will get interrupted more and I will have to wake her up to go and get the other two monkeys from their various things that they go too!

Aimee is still breastfed – yay go me!  But we are mixed feeding her with top ups of formula EBM.  She is having approx. 200mls of extra on top of my breastfeeding a day!  It is actually quite useful that she takes a bottle as when I am out (and watching a magic show) she will happily take a bottle for me. Which does make it a little easier than having to feed her for an hour whilst we are out and also trying to wrangle the toddler and the 8 year old… you get the drift!

Aimee loves interracting with you and is generally smiling (when she isn’t screaming!).  She loves to look at what you are doing and smiles away at you when you are talking to her. She is extremely alert and can be awake for hours!  Mostly she is reasonably happy except when she is awake and in her car seat. She doesn’t like that much.  She is spending time playing on her playmat and now bats at the objects and even in her bouncinette she looks like she is reaching for the play things on that too.  Pretty sure my others werent doing that at this age.  Just yesterday, you found your hands for the first time and were putting them in your mouth.  In the last week Aimee has started to sit up on our laps and enjoys being held under her arms and facing out to the world.  She is growing up already :o(

Aimee you are wearing size 000 or 0-3 month clothing and still newborn sized pants.  You are really long and some of these sized button under singlets are stretched and falling off your shoulders.

Aimee you weigh (need to edit this) as it was flooding in Albany yesterday we weren’t going to go out and weigh you !  I will need to do a home weigh in on our scales to get an estimated weight gain for you.

Right… if you are still reading…congratulations you have made it to the end!  These posts are definitely a record for me and it is great to look back on the things the kids are doing at  different ages.  Even if I think I will remember all the little details I found I do not remember … like Taylor at 11 weeks from this blog post 

Taylor is 11 weeks this week almost at the magic 12 mark and is being a little devil during the day and doing short cat naps… she still needs to be wrapped but with this humidity she gets so HOT….doing really well at night and is doing 9-10 hours.  So we are grateful for that.  She is gurgling and talking lots and makes very cute noises.  Smiles are there but difficult to catch on camera which is really frustrating!!  This week we just changed her pushchair from the bassinet to the normal mountain buggy seat which she is enjoying!!  She is kicking her feet a lot at the moment  and will push off the table if her foot hits it.  She is definitely getting more settled for longer playing or sitting and watching what is going on around her. 

I sometimes feel silly blogging about the little things… But it is these things that I find it so interesting to look at as years go by.  I wasn’t blogging about the milestones as much when Taylor was little and I wish I had done it more now.  I wasnt blogging at ALL when Liam was little and I wish I had better record of his early milestones.  I guess it is a bit of a role reversal as usually it gets worse the more kids you have!  but I seem to get better at recording these details as you could say I am getting smarter at realising I dont have a memory like an elephant!



3 thoughts on “AR – 12 weeks old

  1. I think it’s fantastic that you have these posts recorded, as you will not remember the little things in the years to come (trust me). You shouldn’t feel silly, I think lots of us enjoy reading about how your babies are doing, and it will certainly help when you do layouts and need to know some of these details ;-)

    She is looking so much older, all of a sudden! I’m glad she’s sleeping well for you, even if you can only make the most of it for these 2 weeks before her routine gets mucked up again!

  2. Wish blogging was around when my kids were little as its much easier to just type it all out than to fill out the baby books. I have big gaps in those and by the time number 3 came along had just about given up. Lucky I still have all those horrible non-digi photos as a record. Keep it up. :)

  3. i love that you do these posts!!! and seeing her (as well as the other kids) grow up in front of our eyes!!!….thanks for sharing

    and love the colour challenge layout too!!! (previous post)

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