10 weeks AR

Another Tuesday rolls around again and my baby girl is another week older.

I love this photo of the three of you…

At 10 weeks:

You weigh: 4.66kgs (finally a good weight gain 500grams in 2 weeks) (15th percentile)

Your length: 58cm (50th percentile)

HC: 38.4

At the moment you are mixed fed.  Mostly breastfed with tops of EBM and formula.  Usually between 250-400ml a day but on average around 300ml).  I am trying to boost my supply by taking the dom (the domperidone!) and the blessed thistle.  I am trying to express off after feeding and once before I go to bed at night.  Unfortunately, I have broken my electric pump again (after needing to get a new AC adapter) but the lovely people at Philips are sending me another piece (even though it is 6 months out of warranty) for free.

You are still very haphazard with your sleeping during the day.  I am trying to recall back to Taylor sleeping during the day and thinking she didn’t take as much work to settle as you do.  But I think I may have blocked out the worst of it!!  Of course your little life is way more busier than Taylor’s was at the same age so less disruption. You are feeding every 3 hours mostly during the day so if it takes you longer to settle then you may only sleep for 40 mins before you wake up hungry.  Or you go for hours!  At night we get a 6-7 hour stint and then usually another 3 hours before you wake up for the day.  Yes, if you find me online at weird times of the day… the ipad is a wonderful distraction when you are up for feeding during the middle of the night.

You have just had your first cold… lots of running noses and sneezing.  And gunky eyes when you wake up.  For the first time I have been able to use breastmilk to try and fix that.  Can’t quite go for the squirt in your eyes type thing yet.  But luckily I have some EBM in the fridge to use.

You are enjoying being under your play gym or sitting in your swing.  You are starting to bat at objects and kick and accidentally hit things on your playgym.  You don’t really like swinging… but you are getting used to it more now.  Still smiling heaps!



One thought on “10 weeks AR

  1. She is growing so fast and will be running around playint with Taylor and Liam in no time. I hope the sleep pattern gets better for you soon. I remember my Liam was a terrible sleeper at that age and would wake often.

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