Tin Foil and other stuff


I know another post in only a matter of days… dont fall off your chair (grins).

I am determined to keep the posts up.. even if it is a short 2 liner before Aimee wakes up again. Sigh.  Wish that child would go to sleep easier during the day.

Today I am going to share with you a first aid tip – trust me your lives just won’t be the same after knowing this!

On Sunday night, I was making dinner (a cottage pie if you are interested) and I was cooking the mince and needed to move the pan from the large element to the smaller element as it was too large to get a small simmer going.  UNFORTUNATELY, I didn’t realise that the handle on said pan was sitting over the flame and I went to pick it up and ouch it was boiling hot.  Luckily no small children were harmed in the process.  I almost immediately put said fingers under cold cold water.  Firstly, I moved the pan to the smaller element and picked up the middle child to sit on the bench with me as she was grizzling at my feet.  The pain was pretty intense… so I probably kept it under cold running water for 10 mins on and off.  You no in between the rest of the dinner prep, drugging the middle child with pain killers (probably should have shot myself a syringe of the good nurofen for children at the same time!).  But in the end, I needed to feed Aimee so I grabbed an Ice pack and proceeded to breastfeed at the same time (wow look how far I have come… multitasking and feeding all at the same time). By this point, Gary suggested an ice cold can of  Coke Zero could also work.  Why not… so I wrapped my hand around the nice cold (unopened can).  Continued feeding…  Then that can kinda warmed up and I lost the icepack under the tri pillow… had to send eldest child to get new can of ice-cold coke zero from the beer fridge… this was met with WHY… and DO I HAVE TOO… in a grumpy tone (you can imagine…).  The pain was intensifying at this point… every time I removed my fingers from the can I was in intense pain.  I have never had a burn like this before.

So what do we do in the modern age… you google doctor…words to the effect of “burnt fingers getting worse…”

(now I must insert my disclaimer… in no way am I endorsing use of said household product mentioned below as a method of  burn treatment and you should consult you doctor for medical attention etc etc).

And what pops up… a website for burn remedies… from earthclinic.com!

On this website was hundreds and thousands (well maybe not that many) of trusted recommendations (because you can believe everything you read online right) to use TIN FOIL to stop the burning pain that was my fingers.  Hmmmm, slightly skeptical and worried that the opposite effect may occur (and funny enough many others had the same thoughts) but was willing to try anything to relieve said pain (same thoughts again).  I wrapped my fingers in TIN FOIL… shiny side onto the burn and WAITED…

Okay, they say it can feel worse at first. YEP, fingers getting warmer… yep a bit painful.  Okay I’m thinking… when is this going to kick in. Please kick in because I’m going to feel REALLY SILLY soon.

And can I say that yes… it did.  It radiated heat on and off for a bit.  And had moments of painfulness but 20 mins later I was up and doing stuff (fingers still sore but manageable).

I kept the tin foil on my fingers until my 2am breastfeed and wow my fingers were just about back to normal then.  I woke up with a slight blister on my middle finger which isn’t causing me any grief two days later.

I don’t know how it worked (some say it conducts heat away from the burn others say it should never work)  But at the time I was so grateful to stop the burning pain.

So that is my tip for the day… now better dash and finish off the dinner/have something to eat for lunch, drink some more water, finish writing my to-do list and updating my calendar, tidying up the toys that are all over the floor, hang up some washing, all before 1 or more of my children wake up.

Update on Taylor

She has a touch of bronchitis and a sore ear so she is on antibiotics.. she is a bit better but still a bit clingy and not really eating and drinking but she is obviously hungry which is annoying because all she will eat is Doras (we have none of those left), cheese, popcorn and yoghurt.


4 thoughts on “Tin Foil and other stuff

  1. Wow, never heard of using tin foil on a burn, but I’m glad it helped you. Burns can be SO sore, especially later on when the nerves start working again! Ow, I am cringing just thinking about it. Will remember your remedy next time I burn myself. I should tell Leah, too … she burnt her finger on her hair straighteners yesterday!!

  2. Very interesting. See that was more than a two-liner!lol blogging is actually easier if you keep it up regularly – I don’t know why? You’d think you have less to say???

  3. wow tin foil ah!!! no way!!!
    im a rawleighs ointment girl…hate burns…they go on for ages…owww!!

    love that layout too (post below) that wood like paper in SC kits always stump me!!!

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