2 months on…Aimee Rose


Aimee is 2 months old.  Gosh slow down baby girl.

It has certainly been a crazy couple of months.  There have been a few tears (thankfully not many of them mine).  A bit of adjusting for all of us but Aimee is mostly a smiley sweet girl!

You at 2 months

  • 4.15kg (sitting on the 9th percentile). We are trying to fatten you up… as you keep slipping back from the 15 percentile for weight.  You are still putting on weight but we would like a few more grams each week.  Right now you are fully breastfeed with one bottle of soy formula (as that is what we had in the house for Taylor) usually in the afternoons.  We have reintroduced that extra feed as that helped with your weight gain before.
  • 55cm long (sitting on the 30th percentile)
  • 37.6cm – head circumference
  • Are still squeezing into newborn sizes.  Mostly button under singlets are not fitting any more due to the length of your torso.  You are mostly wearing size 0-3 months or 000 clothes.
  • Smiles often.  Probably my most smiley baby.  Often you will be in my arms and I will be doing something and look down to see you smiling at me.
  • Enjoys having a bath
  • Has just started to have a wee playtime usually on the floor with no nappy on.
  • You like sitting in your baby swing BUT you don’t particularly enjoy the swinging bit if I turn it on.
  • Watches you and follows you with her eyes… fixates on the TV.
  • Has really good head control.  This must come with having a smaller head!  Both Liam and Taylor had massive heads!
  • You definitely have similarities to your brother (the sleeping part!) and your sister but I think you have your own little look.  You have very fine features, long fingers and toes and of course are smaller than your siblings at this age.  Your hair is no way near as dark as Taylors (you can’t see your eyebrows at all) but not as light as Liam’s hair.  My guess at this stage you might keep your blue eyes and be not as fair as Liam but you won’t have the dark features of Taylor.  It will be interesting to see your wee personality develop as you grow older.

The highs

Breastfeeding… third time is the charm… perhaps the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I only managed to breastfeed Liam for 3 weeks and after many cracks and latching issues I found giving him a bottle so much easier. With Taylor, similar problems again, cracks and mastitis and thrush and a supply issue were the main causes of stopping and having to deal with Liam as well.  It was hard to stop with Taylor but I got to the point where I was taking so many drugs to stop infection, build up supply and having to pump as well just got me in the end.  Actually bottle feeding seemed less work at this point.  Roll on Aimee.  Right well I knew we had to get this right from the beginning.  Try and NOT crack anything as I felt feeding went in a downhill spiral after that.  I do think breastfeeding is an ART.  I wish I was one of these people who find it easy but that is not the case.  We had a bumpy start but thankfully no cracks!  Right now we are comfortable feeding using sheilds and comping with a bottle of formula once a day (to fatten her up as I mentioned above).

You are a great night sleeper!  You usually only do one wake up during the night and then feed and go straight back to sleep.  You don’t really have a bedtime yet as it depends on when we can actually get you to fall asleep.  So your middle of the night wake up can be anytime from 1.30pm through to 5am!  You are awake feeding for about an hour and then straight back to bed and to sleep.

Getting to see you wear a lot of Taylor’s old clothes and creating more memories and remembering what Taylor was doing when she was wearing the same thing.

Getting to go shopping for more baby related paraphernalia!

The lows

Cries… mostly I think because you don’t get to settle very often and I have to interrupt your feed or chuck you in the car to go and take one of your siblings to one of their activities.  The third child syndrome.  You have a great set of lungs… and don’t particularly enjoy your car seat much.  Although since taking you to the Chiropractor you seem to be a bit more settled in the car.

It is hard to get you to sleep during the day.  You love to be cuddled in my arms.  Unfortunately, this isn’t very practical so a mixture of bouncing you in your hammock, letting you have a wee cry and more bouncing or movement helps to get you to sleep.  Sometimes this works and your sleep for hours and I have to wake you up or you are awake again in 5-10mins.  Hopefully, as you grow older we maybe able to get you more into a routine and right now I have to just live with the fact that I can’t always rely on you sleeping during the day.

Juggling Taylor and Aimee.  Whilst mostly this is fine, Taylor quite likes to sit very very close to us when we are feeding.  Poor Aimee has to dodge flying toys, books, ipads and remotes and I have to try to keep a small barrier between them so Aimee’s legs don’t get squished by Taylor trying to snuggle in close.  Taylor is getting a bit of time watching the Wiggles on TV or playing with my ipad or reading books etc.  I must admit I enjoy feeding a lot more when Taylor is having a nap!  It is so much more relaxing!

Often I will have a crying baby, a grizzling toddler and whiney 8-year-old. I can see why WINE became more prevalent as my mother had more kids!

Missing out on going to soccer games or mini ball games as it is just too hard, too wet or I’m too tired to go!

I’m struggling to think of anything else right now… so I think I will go and publish this one.  Before I go, here you are at 2 months old… you are growing up so fast.. before we know it you won’t be a small wee baby any longer.


Okay I’m going to add that you look more like your brother than your sister…

Feel free to let me  know who you think Aimee looks like!



7 thoughts on “2 months on…Aimee Rose

  1. Shes cute, and I like your blog posts, I have enjoyed keeping up with your family over the last few years, and I find it interesting!? and totally impressed how well you are coping with all 3 kids, good work Whorwood family!

  2. Hey gourgeous girl, sorry to miss out on cuddles today. You are growing so fast, and you sure are looking like YOURSELF, but maybe a little more like Liam at the moment :) I never saw him as a baby, but can totally see the resemblence (sp?).

    As for you Michelle – you are superwoman and I am in awe with you.


  3. i think you are amazing…and i cant wait to catch up with you and aimee next weekend!!!
    as for kiddos…it is hard work…but you are there for your kids and that is the best thing ever!! go Mama!!!

  4. It sounds like she is doing well … and she is growing so fast! She already looks really different. I can’t decide who she looks more like, Liam or Taylor, I do think she is quite different to both of them. You’re doing such a good job, mama! Sorry I wasn’t able to come and visit today, it would have been lovely.

  5. When Aimee was newborn i thought she looked alot like both LIam and Taylor but now I dont think she looks much like either, I think she has her own look going on. She is so cute and I cant believe it is 2 months already. You are such a great mum and doing a great job.

  6. Its funny how they are all so different with their routines and what worked with one child won’t work with another. Can’t believe shes 2 months either. I think she looks more like Liam than Taylor. :)

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