It is a lovely long weekend here.  It is nice to get an extra day in the weekend to spend with family.  I would say an extra day to get some stuff done around the place but right now with everything that is going on .. that is totally unrealistic.  Anyway, I have been thinking about writing this blog post for a few weeks now but haven’t had the time to commit it to words on the webpage.

The other day – I think it was last weekend when we were heading over the bridge to a birthday party in East Tamaki, Gary said to me wow a lot has happened in the last two years.  Many things have changed.  He was right…

We have purchased a new home.  We have been here for just over 6 months.  It is a brand new home.. it has some really great points. It has a lovely big open plan kitchen (the size of a small house) and a great living spaces, the master bedroom is huge.  It is on a nice big section (well big for Auckland these days!)  and it isn’t in a mass-produced development like our last place.  It has a perfect downstairs granny flat (for not the granny but for Aunty Nic and her cat Harper!) – every other house we have looked at either had a granny flat which was dark, too small or just poorly designed but  a great main space for us OR the granny flat was great but it meant not enough living for the main house.  We didn’t design the house.. so of course there are things I would like to have changed, I would have done differently.

There isn’t enough storage… our last place we put in an attic space which amazingly managed to become a Tardis of a storage area where things just kept disappearing into and never seemed to completely filling up.  We need to put in storage into the garage and I want to put in a garden shed BUT all these things take money and right now it is a slow process.  We have a few issues with drainage and dampness (yes it is a new house so trying to get those fixed) which hasn’t helped the storage situation at all.  The other thing I would have done if we were building ourselves was to put money into the landscaping… right now there is a very blank canvas and it would be nice to sort out the gardens one day.  This again takes money and probably one other thing which is lacking right now which is TIME.  (More about that in point 2).  We also need to sort out the above mentioned drainage before we can do anything in the section area downstairs.

I would loved to have a separate laundry – you know kitted out with amazing storage and a place for linen, the iron and the ironing board..

I miss my washing line in the garage.. one day I will have another one of those.

One of the biggest things that has changed in our lives (which affects the TIME factor mentioned above) is growing our family from a family of 3 to a family of 5.  Looking back into the backseat of our car it is filled with children!!  It is no easy feat to fit all of them across the backseat.. it is a big squished… Liam just manages to squeeze in between the two girls.  It is rather hard to fathom sometimes how this expansion happened.  Well apart from the obvious (no smart comments needed there).  After Taylor arrived we were pretty happy with our two kiddies.. a pigeon pair as people used to say.  Oh you are so lucky you have one of each.  Crikey, we were lucky to have two at all … is probably a better statement.  I remember after having Taylor, they have to the mandatory contraception conversation with new parents. Oh we were like… we don’t need any of that nonsense.  We struggled so much to get pregnant and stay pregnant before Taylor. We were in the camp of okay happy with two children a third would be a blessing if it happened.  AND murphy’s law look where we ended up.

I remember when we had Liam I was like there was no way I wanted two children really close together.. it was hard to enough to just manage a newborn on their own rather than having to do a toddler + a newborn.  Isn’t perspective wonderful… I now believe that having only a newborn – on its own would be a breeze. Just think of all the time you would have to just gaze at that said newborn.. how much time you would just be able to devote to them! Of course at the time, it was soo hard.  I then remember having Liam and then Taylor.. thinking that was a bit difficult. The newborn was a bit disrupted by all the things I had to do with Liam.. I didn’t have enough pairs of hands to do everything I needed to do for them plus everything else I had to do.  Thinking back.. it was easier as I could walk to get Liam to school.. Taylor slept a lot on those short walks to school – helped to put her to sleep – got lots of comments in the early days that she was always sleeping.  If I needed to Liam could walk to school and just be helped across the road home as their was no crossing.  If we lived there now… he would easily be able to walk by himself.

Fast forward.  So having two children under 2 plus the school aged 8-year-old who plays mini ball, soccer and  swims which all require practices and outings in the afternoons should probably be my worst nightmare !  Ah I reminisce the days when I life was a bit less chaotic  I MUST have had lots of time on my hands. Although I don’t recall that really at the time I felt like that.  The new norm in this house is… my new bedtime  is 9pm, I am up once during the night too feed Aimee and then drag myself up to get Liam and Taylor ready for the day earlier than I would like too, it takes us 8 weeks and counting to finish the garden bed we started the week Aimee was born, the washing machine is on it seems continuously, dinner is well thought out in advance and usually cooked then too if I am super organised, I know all the words and often find myself singing a Wiggles song after watching the same episode with Taylor often.  It is frustrating right now at times I feel all I do is vacuum, cook dinners, wash clothes and rush Aimee through feeds so I can drop kids off places or pick them up.  I havent been able to see Liam play soccer as much as I would like too.  I haven’t seen a mini ball game since Aimee was born.  If we go out, then I feed Aimee before we go and then usually she is due to feed again as soon as I get back.  The common joke in my house is that I am always sitting in the same spot feeding!!

All this busy-ness has meant that I have had to relax… try and let things go.  It isn’t always going to be possible to get everything done that I need too.  There might be a few more toys scattered around that need to be tidied up.  The garden mentioned above might take 3 x as long to finish.  I may not have the time and money right now to get all the things I would like to get done.  I have been so lucky to have some amazing people around to help me out.  Gary took time off work, a lot of time than others have done, he may not be able to do everything I could do in the same way or the as quick but after having that time off he now knows how to pack a mean lunch box for Taylor and does Liam’s lunch and realises how life works around the place whilst he is at work usually. Taylor enjoyed her daddy being around (maybe a bit TOO much actually).

Right… that is probably all of my time that I can devote to blogging right now.  The washing is calling my name, Aimee has decided to sleep for a change and probably needs to wake up to feed again too.  Best, hang out the washing so I can take my position back on the couch and get ready for the visitors that are coming over shortly!

Before, I go… even though it is busy, things are chaotic, we may be tired… it would be rather boring without these 3:


4 thoughts on “3

  1. Oh wow it all sounds so familiar even though mine are now 21,20 and nearly 17. It does get better – either that or you just get more organised. LOL. You do have to let things go otherwise you would be stressed and thats no good for anyone. You have a lovely family Michelle so just enjoy this time, as we all know it passes far too quickly. :)

  2. I would say your lucky lol 3 stunning kids and great husband …
    I do understand how it must be to feel like your constantly on the go I also know your a very strong and capable woman a great mum fantastic supportive friend and a kick arse scrapbooker…..I get that feeling of being on a continues carosell even with one!!!! I wonder where time goes and how to squeeze every thing in I take my hat off to you Michelle and like Vicki said enjoy once they get to teenagers then its time to panic!!!!!!

  3. yip i am seeing this with my sis….3 under 4 years at one point…and her also unable to get pregnant easily!!!
    all i can say is (heard my sis say it the other day) let the little things pass…she is just getting through each day!!
    B does all the activities ;…poor old A and F get dragged everywhere!!! maybe once B goes to school it will be their turn!!!

    well i think you are a fabbo mama and i cant wait to meet aimee and see ya again xxxx

  4. Great post, Michelle – and a super cute photo! You’re an amazing mum and I take my hat off to you, because I know coping with 3 would be a lot harder than 2, and that was hard enough! Let alone the closeness in age between Taylor & Aimee. You’re doing a wonderful job!! x

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