Taylor Grace – 20 months!


Gosh, time is flying by so fast… Taylor is now 20 months old!!

Sitting on daddy’s foam roller

At 20 months old:

  • You are 13.1 kgs
  • You are a joy to have around (mostly).  Generally, you meet everyone with a grin and a big Hi Hi Hi.  You are happy when you wake up in the morning, when Daddy comes home from work or when visitors arrive!  It is such a delight to see your smiling face when we have been away from you.  It is nice to see your excitment and your genuine happiness!
  • You love music and can often be found singing the alphabet or twinkle twinkle little star.  This may not be clear to everyone else but if you listen closely you can pick up the tune and decipher the sounds which sound almost right.  If I sing to you, you always ask for MORE when the song is coming to its end.


  • You will only watch the Wiggles (diggles) on TV.  But it has to be the old DVD (from 1998) which has the original songs on it.  It has become a bit of ritual when I am feeding Aimee that I will put on the DVD for you and you will go and get the little couch and move it in front of the TV and settle in to watch.  Sometimes you will get your own little bag of chips to munch on whilst watching too.  I have tried to get you to watch some of the different Wiggles on TV but you wont have a bar of it!
  • Creche is going well.  You don’t cry anymore when I drop you off but a wave goodbye and you blow kisses and off you go.  You love playing with the babies and I drop you off and you are handing them one by one to your teachers before you are going back for another.  You have started taking part in the singing and dancing at crèche now.  The other day one of the teachers put the Wiggles on and off you went and joined in with the other kids.  You are obviously feeling very secure and happy to be there.
  • You are having two bottles of Soy formula a day.  One before your midday sleep and one before you go to bed at night.  You have a cute little routine with your bottle where you go and sit on the little couch to drink it.  This is something you have done off your own accord.
  • You have become Ipad obsessed.  Especially when I am sitting and feeding Aimee.  You and I have a tug of war over it.  Right now you win more than I would like you too.  You can drive it scarily well.  You have some cute little apps by Duck  Duck Moose which are nursery rhyme based which are interactive and if you push parts of the screen the little characters do things – mainly you play Incy Wincy Spider.  You also have an Elmo App which sings you the alphabet.  Unfortunately, you love pushing the buttons a bit too much and spend the whole time changing settings and pushing buttons so quickly that you aren’t really playing and it drives us all nuts!   It is scary to imagine you won’t know a world where touch screens were not common.  You go around touching the TV in the same manner if there is a menu screen expecting to be able to drive it by touching the screen so to speak!
  • One of the cute things you say is  ‘Go Go Go Go’ whenever a sporting event is on the TV. The crowd cheering is your cue… and you yell go go go go.  Apparently, this sort of yelling happens a lot at Liam’s soccer on Saturday morning!!  It is totally spontaneous and is definitely triggered by the sport and not by us.


  • You have learned to click your fingers!!  Apparently, at creche there is a song about clicking your fingers and it is crazy that you can do this at such a young age!
  • You are still swimming and doing really well swimming with Daddy on Saturday mornings now so that I can look after Aimee and drink coffee!!  You have such an amazing kick and you can reach and pull and mostly hold your own whilst you are wearing armbands and a bubble.  You are now wearing a cute swimming cap and aren’t still that keen on going underwater but you are the youngest in your class and are one of the more advanced swimmers in the class just because you have been swimming for a longer time than the other kids in your class.

Taylor – at 20 months you are a super sweet little girl who has a zest for life!  You have taken on the role of big sister really well… not too bothered by having to share your mummy and are happy to still go with the flow!


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