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I thought I would try and write a quick update post before Taylor wakes up from her nap this afternoon.

Aimee is 4 weeks old today… she is coming up to 1 month! Wholy moly..  she is still quite tiny for her age (sitting around the 25% for weight).  She was 3.5kg at 3 weeks (last week) so she was still smaller than Liam born and just a wee bit bigger than Taylor.  Hopefully, we will see the midwife again in the next day or so to get her re weighed.   She is mostly settled 70% of the time and will either drop right back to sleep after a feed and a nappy change OR decides that she will take literally hours to drop off and fights it every minute of the way.  I dont recall having any issues with Taylor but Liam was a nightmare to get to sleep… I really need to have a look back at my notes to see if Taylor really was more unsettled than I remember.   Aimee is just starting to track her eyes to follow you at times and is definitely waking up to the world.

The monkey is doing well.  But OMG… 1 month of daddy play time means she has turned into a daddy’s girl!!  Currently, we are going through a period of Daddy withdrawal! Wish us luck!!  She is pretty good with Aimee and still loves to find her ‘nose’ and can easily say Aimee.  Taylor often goes to see if Aimee is having a nap in the bassinet on top of the mountain buggy.  Taylor’s second favourite thing is to take off with my ipad or iphone and play games on it.  I can now sort of see why an Ipod Touch would be useful right now.  Smeary hand marks all over the ipad is not a good look.  Taylor can pretty much run the ipad. Pushes the on button and then swipes the screen and finds the picture which has her games on it.  She only has a couple on the home screen which she can easily open up.  Crazy to think she will not recall a time where things like ipads are common place.  Taylor has started swimming on Saturdays and for the first time on the weekend she did some swimming with arm bands and her bubble without anyone holding on to her.  She has  a great little kick on her (I’m sure better than Liam at the same age).  Although Liam pointed out on Saturday that she has a bent leg… um!  Yes but she is 19 months… give her a bit of time to get the straight legged thing sorted.. I think it took Liam a good few years to work that out!

We just had parent teacher interviews for Liam at school and right now we are working on building his confidence as we know he can achieve things but he seems to have a mental block at times… He is pretty amazing at times.  Last week they had a teacher come in from the deaf class to teach some sign language to the kids.  They did a 20 min session and learnt the alphabet, please and thank you and my name is… from that session he could recall the signs for the whole entire alphabet !!! Crazy… I wish I had his memory recall!!  He is also enjoying getting stuck in at miniball and soccer has kicked off again on Saturdays.  We are still getting a bit of talk back and a bit of NO when he doesn’t want to do something but usually the outbursts are pretty short lived.  Liam is still swimming at the Swim Centre and is really getting the hang of breast stroke and has some nice technique going when he does freestyle.

So as you can imagine it is pretty busy around here… I haven’t managed to blog about CMH latest challenge.. this fortnight it is a black and white plus red theme… I must admit I struggled with this colour combo.. I think it is because it is quite formal and I ended up scrapping a formal photo too which didn’t help!!

This is my layout..

Also, Scrappin’ Patch is running the Stars in their Eyes Competition… it is going to be loads and loads of fun and we have some great designers lined up this year.  If you would like to play along…check out the forum here for all the details..

Short and  sweet! okay… had better carry on!

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2 thoughts on “A quick post!

  1. Such a gorgeous family … all so precious and special, and you’re doing a fabulous job raising all 3 of them! Loved visiting you on Friday, seeing your new place and meeting Aimee … and seeing Taylor again too. I still think you are a legend for doing any scrapbooking at all with a newborn, a toddler and an active 8-year-old boy! Go you! :-)

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