Aimee Rose

I can’t really believe you are two weeks old today.

You now weigh 3280 grams – you definitely feel bigger to hold… you are growing up too fast already.

So far you are one chilled out kid, really I am waiting for you to wake up!

I have to wake you pretty much for every feed. Except during the night when we don’t wake up a sleeping baby!!

The last two nights you have woken at about 1 am ish and then 6am – 7am ish.  Gosh can’t really complain about that.

Yesterday, the talented Sammy Jane came over and we did a very cool photoshoot.  The first time I have ever done a photoshoot with one of my newborn babies.  If you are looking for some photos taken in Auckland, Sammy is amazing – totally recommend her ! Check out her facebook page  

 So far, you are fitting into family life really well… you aren’t phased by a million kids running riot and causing a major racket whilst you are sleeping!

The last two nights you have slept in your hammock for the first time.

During the day, you spend a lot of time asleep on the dining room table.

Photo taken by Sammy J Photography


4 thoughts on “Aimee Rose

  1. Aww, gorgeous photo! It sounds like she is doing well and sleeping lots – which is great for you! Still keen to come and visit – are you free on Friday, around 12.30ish?

  2. ohhhhhh those photos are so sweet as is she!!!
    love it….congrats all..she is lovely
    and sleeping so well!!!

    ps happy birthday liam (post below)

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