37 weeks…

2 more weeks to go…

14 more days

This month… baby no. 3 arrives.

Right now it is hard to imagine having to go full term…and then having to potentially wait longer than that!

Apart from the normal tiredness… it seems to be that I dont get much time to rest or put my feet up and as a result, I have fluid build up… swollen sore feet.  This is a new thing for me and can I just say… ouch!  I don’t like it!  Throw in… a wheezy and snotty toddler, daylight savings and a tired end of term school boy.. can I just say life isn’t a huge amount of fun right now.

I think the next 14 days are going to pass by very very slowly.

Am I ready… hmmmm, well hospital bag half packed, the hammock is in its box in the baby’s room (still to be set up though), various other useful things are at mum’s – better get those back!  All newborn clothes are sorted and in her drawers we still dont have a name sorted… thank god we have a long weekend coming up and time still up our sleeve to sort out the last minute things that need doing!

I am probably still a similar size than I was with Taylor.

Latest bump pictures…



Righto… better finish off the dinner and get some more stuff done before Miss T wakes up!



5 thoughts on “37 weeks…

  1. Gosh, not much longer to go! I’m sorry you’re feeling miserable, but 2 weeks isn’t long in the big scheme of things. Before you know it, she’ll be here and these days will be a distant memory. Thinking of you lots! x

  2. Looking good even if your feet are sore! Did you try the water remedy?
    Hopefully you will be busy sorting things out that it all goes so fast!
    See you tomorrow

  3. cute bumpy pics!!!
    looking good to me!!!
    all the best

    and lvoe the layouts in posts below!!! esp the wgtn photo one!!!

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