Taylor 17 months

Little Miss Taylor Grace is almost 18 months old!

In a few weeks time she won’t be the baby of the family any more… but that cheeky middle child!

I think she has cheeky down pat!

As with little children — they grow up so fast.. they are little sponges and Taylor is no exception!

This month Taylor  –

  • you are 82cm Tall
  • you weighed in at 11.87kg
  • you are wearing a mixture of size 1, 12-18 months and size 2 clothing
  • you had your first proper fringe cut at the hairdresser (Rodney Wayne in Albany Mall) and you got your first lollipop for being a good girl.
  • you have lots of words !!  You also seem to sing to yourself.. I can hear the tune of the ABCs.
  • you now have one big nap during the day (usually on a good day 2-3 hours)
  • one of your favourite things to do is push around the little chairs to gain access to the breakfast bar or the light switch so you can hang out with mummy whilst I am preparing afternoon tea or dinner.
  • All cats are still called Harper or Piper.
  • you are starting to be able to put a couple of the Shape-o shapes into the Shape-o toy all by yourself.
  • you are just starting to get a wee bit naughty and running away when I try and get you dressed or nappy changed
  • your favourite bath toy is a little orange tea set cup.
  • you are starting to want to sit at the dining room table or at your little table and chairs to eat rather than in your high chair!
  • you are starting to recognise when you have done a poo in your nappy as you walk around going Pi Pi and sure enough when I check you have done one.
  • every time I try and take your photo with my iPhone you won’t stay still but try and come around to see what is on the phone.

Some snapshots of you at 17 months..

a very rare occasion when you stopped and watched TV… it didn’t last long!

You also had your first visit to creche (big boy creche as we used to call it when Liam went there) this morning.  It was strange to see you in that environment but I am glad to say that our visit went well.  You definitely don’t look too small to be there… We stayed for 2 hours and had morning tea and a play.  I hung out with you for a bit but also kept my distance at times so you could explore the new environment.  Of course, you were always coming back to find me so it will be interesting to see what happens when mummy goes away for a bit.   As Liam also went to this creche there are lots of cool memories of Liam’s time there.  Of course, those involved sandpits, swords, swings and dragon costumes.  Taylor on the other hand played in the family corner, pushed babies around in the push chair, did some playdoh work and of course drawing… so different from her brother that in respect.   You officially start creche next Thursday 15th March and will go two mornings a week Thursday and Friday from 9am until 12 noon.   Next Thursday I will stay for a bit to settle you and then leave for an hour before coming back and having a play.

at creche, hanging out in the family corner.


7 thoughts on “Taylor 17 months

  1. love the picture of Taylor in her little pretty pink shoes and the one where she putting the light on, as if no-one can see what she is going… such a little cutie

  2. Her hair is getting soooo long! Great photos. I hope she settles in well to daycare and gives you a bit of time to spend on your own (now) and with bubby (soon). Looks like a fun place, I bet she’ll have a blast!

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