Serious blog neglect

Hmmmm, there is some serious blog neglect going on in our house… there is no one reason for it but lots of little things that are just adding up.

What have we been up too:

Kai Iwi Lakes / Paihia weekend

As part of our (who goes away with 1 kid and 1 active toddler and 1 small baby and actually enjoys themselves) weekends away before life gets a lot harder to just take off on holiday in a few weeks time.  We headed up to the Kai Iwi Lakes/Bay of Islands for the weekend on the 18th and 19th February.  We realized that we haven’t taken Liam NORTH  ever so it is long over due to head up that way more often on holiday.  I really wanted to go to the Bay of Islands but we got a good grab one deal for a lodge really near Kai Iwi Lakes which we couldn’t resist.  I thought the  Kai Iwi Lakes were a little closer to the Bay of Islands than it really turned out to be.  So we ended up taking an extra day and heading over to Paihia for a night too.

The highlights –

  • not having to drive for an hour before even leaving Auckland (which is what we have to do when heading South)
  • checking out Tane Mahuta
  • trekking to the bottom of Whangarei Falls,
  • Visiting Waitangi which was better than I remembered it
  • Winning $7 on the pokies at our lunch stop at the Opononi Pub.
  • Driving across heartland NZ – even if it took an hour longer than the GPS said it would and getting the new car all dirty from the gravel road.
  • Airconditioning in the car and the perfect sunny weather when not in the car! (good for very pregnant ladies who are struggling a bit with the humidity)
  • Finally getting to see the paddle in the Kai Iwi Lakes — perfect for wee children and you can see how it would be lovely place to camp – even without the trees.

The low lights –

  • Liam getting car sick on the drive from Kai Iwi Lakes to Paihia from playing too much Nintendo whilst going around all the windy corners
  • Not having enough time to check out any more of Paihia and the surrounding area before having to head home
  • Having to clean the new car of all the dirt from the gravel road.
  • Coming back to Auckland and having no air conditioning in the house for the suffering pregnant lady!

Photos of our trip…

Playing together  at our accommodation at Kai Iwi Lakes

At Tane Mahuta

on the dirt road to Paihia – 32 weeks!

Liam at Waitangi

At the top of Whangarei Falls

At the bottom of the falls

Bush walking… she loves it as much as her brother!

Well I think I need to get this blog post, actually out of drafts and posted but I will be back later on with some scrappy shares…



3 thoughts on “Serious blog neglect

  1. Okay, so I stopped when I saw the wee belly … just saying … and look at you at 32 weeks …

    Fabbo photos … some of them really do look picture postcard perfect.

  2. Great photos, Michelle. I love the far north … but then we go up there a lot to visit family. Kai Iwi lakes is a very special spot for Rob & I, and we like taking the kids there now. It’s still beautiful even without the trees, but I wish they hadn’t chopped them down. Would like to get back up to the BOI again soon, it has been too long. Glad you had such a nice getaway before baby arrives. You’re looking great, too! :-)

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