TG – 16 months


A bit late but here is a snapshot of Taylor at 16 months.  It feels like in the last few weeks she has just grown up so much.

So a little summary of what she is up to at the moment.

  • weighs:  11.8kg
  • height: approximately 82cm ??  Rough measure – she has certainly shot up recently and looks like a 2 year old in size!
  • Is a little chatterbox… it is so cute hearing you have little conversations with yourself. You call a lot of people bebe (baby).. including yourself when you see pictures of yourself or your reflection in the mirror.  You also call larger human life baby too… mostly in pictures though.  You can also say cheese which we found out during a photo shoot recently.  She is also just starting to be able to copy what you are saying…like yesterday she was saying Cracker and Popcorn
  • you are still obsessed with the car.  You like going out in it… or if that isn’t going to happen you quite like just being in it .. not moving.
  • runs everywhere… no longer walks.
  • you have started to use Mama correctly.  When you see me you say Mama over and over again… swoon !  Very cute.
  • This month I cut your fringe for the first time.
  • You now have 4 incisors, 1 eye tooth, and 5 molars.
  • You are getting much better at sleeping through the night!  More often than not you are now sleeping through.
  • Your eczema is a lot better.  You still have soy formula but mainly you are having a normal diet.
  • Right now you are down to 2-3 bottles a day.  One in the mid morning, one in the afternoon (which sometimes doesn’t happen) and one before bed.
  • You can now climb up at the dining room chairs… probably to attempt to get hold of Liam’s lego!  Which has now been retired to his bedroom.
  • You are getting quite good at using the iPad.  It is amazing how you know to swipe your hand along the screen to move around.
  • You have learnt round and round the garden and will go and put your fingers in your palm of your hand when you want us to play with you.


3 thoughts on “TG – 16 months

  1. Aww, she is such a cutie! And growing up so fast. She’ll make a wonderful big sister, I can tell :-)
    Love that she is calling you “Mama” all the time now … that’s so sweet :-)

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