Hahei January 2012

We have just returned from our annual trip camping at a beautiful place called Hahei on the Coromandel Peninsula!  The washing is now mostly up to date, we are mostly unpacked and the camping gear has been put away for a year (or quite possibly two – not sure if I am game enough!)

The highlights!!

  • The weather… 5 out of 7 days were stunning, hot and hardly a breath of wind.  Quite a contrast to last year where several cyclones descended on us!  So it was totally our time for some good weather.   This of course made life a lot easier to deal with the walking toddler.
  • Running around after the toddler meant I slept so well at night even on an air mattress that was mostly deflated by the end of the holiday.
  • Liam having a blast, hanging with friends from previous years as well as new ones made this year.  We pretty much saw him at meal times and when we went out with the family.   He got to play lots of sport, ride his bike around the camp site, play spotlight and generally be silly and not have to be told off every 5 mins for being silly in the house! Of course, we did get some grumpy antics but mostly he was happy to have a bit of freedom and hang out with his mates.
  • Taking Taylor for walks around the campsite.  Man that girl can walk… she was so happy to just be running around the campsite or going to visit all the cars she found.  She definitely had a direction in mind though… usually away from the tent and didn’t have quite the same enthusiasm for heading back in the home direction.
  • Taylor slept really well … she only woke 2 nights which was a relief!
  • Taking the kids to the beach… even though the water was freezing!  Taylor has no fear of the giant ‘bath’ as she calls it and quite happily ran off to get wet and face planted a few times.  This year the water was soooo calm which I prefer but Liam was a bit disappointed he couldn’t bogey board as much as he would have liked.
  • No I didn’t swim.
  • Catching up with Hannah and Megan for coffee!  It was so nice to have some time out from camping life!
  • Going on an adventure (yes I did moan a bit at the time).  We took a drive up to Waikawau Bay via the dirt road track past Kennedy Bay.  Turns out there is a better (but slightly longer road via Colville which we took back.   I can safely say… I have never been that far north on the Peninsula before.  It is a beautiful and largely uninhabited part of the world.  You can see why it would be a beautiful spot to camp and get away from it all.  The funniest thing was on the way out there we were on this isolated dirt track which felt like the middle of no where when we see a ‘road works’ sign.  It was hilarious we thought it couldn’t be right seeing as the road didn’t look maintained at all.  May be someone stole it and put it there as a joke.  The next thing we come a cross is a ‘prepared to stop sign’  – and sure enough.  There was a man holding a stop sign and we had to wait for a large truck that was blocking the road fill with dirt and be on its merry way before we could go through.  Believe it or not … there was actually a queue of 3 cars stopped at the end waiting for us to pass.  It was really quite surreal.  We finally managed to locate our destination but we couldn’t find Gary’s work mate who we were trying to visit so a quick picnic and a trip to the surf beach before we bundled the kids back in the car and headed back to civilization.
  • Having no housework apart from cooking and sweeping for a whole week.
  • Getting to hang out together as a family and watching the kids without the distractions of home !
Some snapshots of our trip!

Of course… it is nice to be home… gosh how I now appreciate the following..

  • Being able to just pop to the ensuite rather than walk 100 metres to the nearest bathroom multiple times a day!
  • Showering without my jandals, or the shower bag or having to remember my towel.
  • Dishwashers
  • No sand in the house! or small bits of grass!
  • Not having to watch Taylor 24/7 or worrying about the person watching her.
  • High chairs and being able to restrain the toddler whilst eating.  Taylor did really well eating just sitting on a chair or at the table and chairs but she kept getting up and down so it is nice that she can’t escape mid meal.

Maybe next year we  might go… but maybe stay in a cabin…



5 thoughts on “Hahei January 2012

  1. Sounds like a great break away:) Had to grin about the ‘going on an adventure’ and the moaning at the time – that would be so me!LOL Yep, sure can wear you out walking to the toilet blocks on camping trips! Welcome home.

  2. Certainly was the best week in terms of the weather :-)
    Great to hang out with you a bit down there, and love the pics. I’m still only about 1/3 way through editing mine! Blog post will take a few days I think, hehe :-)

  3. Love your photo collage … super duper … and look forward to a little more creativity of the scrapping kind at some stage … and I spied a little belly in amongst one of those shots …

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