Wellington Trip January 2012


Last weekend, the family took off on a last minute trip to Wellington for the weekend.  I had been wanting to take Liam to Wellington for ages and secretly I really wanted to go and have High Tea down there… because for some reason Auckland doesn’t seem to have any boutique venues for High Tea yet.  We were thinking about planning a March trip but the reality of wandering or should I say more like waddling around the capital at 34 weeks was probably a bit ambitious so it was decided to go like right now.  So after searching around for flights and various texts to Mandy B to make sure she was available for High Tea.. we jetsetted off.

We had a really early morning flight out of Auckland on Saturday morning to take advantage of the full day on Saturday and it was the cheapest flight option.  We arrived in Wellington about 8am, dropped our bags at our hotel and headed out for a walk in search of coffee.  Not having much luck finding many places open before 9am.. I was having panic attacks that I didn’t want to waste a good coffee opportunity on a bad latte we ended up heading up the cable car  (got a takeaway cup at the top) and wandered down through the botanical gardens.

A little way down we discovered the playground… yay.. fun times!  I think if I lived in Wellington, we would definitely be visiting this playground again!   They have a little enclosed area perfect sized for Taylor… and being on the side of the hill she couldn’t escape and roll off anywhere precarious!

Liam pretty much stayed on the flying fox … he taught the other smaller children that it was fun to jump on and stand up instead of sitting….


After spending a wee bit of time at the playground it was off trekking back down the mountain.  It was a lovely down hill stroll at this point… I did notice that some ambitious people and their children were walking back up towards the playground!  We ended up down at the Rose Gardens at about 10.30am.  We wanted to get back to the city and feed the children as they were both getting a wee bit grumpy at this point.  We were still quite some time from actually reaching the city so we decided to take the slightly steep in parts option of the sculpture trail… hmmm steep it was… in parts not so much!   But it was faster than taking the long flatter route.  I had a funny feeling I might be paying for the steep parts later on in the trip.  So after exiting the botanical gardens. 3/4 pack of salt & vinegar chips later and negotiating a few hundred stairs with the mountain buggy we found ourselves back into civilization.  We had some brunch at Lido and another coffee before heading back to our hotel to see if we could check in!

But no rest for the wicked.. I left the boys and Taylor to get food provisions from the supermarket (instead they went back to the Cable Car and the Botanical Gardens and the Bee Hive) and did some more exploring.. and Mandy came and picked me up so we could go to a place called Sweet Pea in Petone for High Tea (find them here Facebook).   The other two places we tried to go were closed!!!    Didn’t they know I was coming… but anyway… we so weren’t disappointed!  Great value, gorgeous surroundings, beautiful food and a cupcake to take home!  The staff were lovely and friendly and it was so much fun to catch up in real life with Mandy again.   Unfortunately, I will have to come back to compare if the high tea was as as good as that other place !!

Sunday was wet and rainy (which I knew was coming from the forecast).   So we bundled up and went out for a quick coffee at Floriditas which was yummy!!  They also had some great looking cakes but we didn’t see that until we were leaving… we had 2 rain jackets between the 3 of us and we managed to negotiate our way mostly down Cuba Street but right at the end (the rain going sideways!), we need to make the last mercy dash across to Te Papa to meet Grace, Lance and cute little Milton!  So the boys went off on a mission to buy a small umbrella to get us through the last little bit of open space and into Te Papa.

Needless to say we didn’t bring that umbrella home!

Crappy crappy inside the museum photo of Grace, myself, Milton and Taylor

The museum was fun… Liam got to explore a bit, the little ones got to Roam and look at stuff whilst the grown ups mostly chased the little ones around.  It was a perfect day to be stuck inside at the museum.

Thankfully, on Monday the weather improved a lot!  We checked out of our hotel, had coffee, cake and pancakes at Caffe L’affare near Courtney Place before we headed back to Te Papa so that Liam could check out some of the rides and the areas which weren’t working on Sunday due to a power failure.  Taylor slept in the push chair whilst I read the paper and surfed the web on my phone in the cafe for an hour or so.  At 2pm we were heading back to the airport to come home!

I throughly enjoyed our visit… the  coffee tour and my legs are still trying to recover from all the walking we did!



3 thoughts on “Wellington Trip January 2012

  1. hahahaha great wellington write up!!!
    and yes the botannical gardens playground is the best!!

    as for high tea wasnt it fabbo!!! and yes you can come back to try MP or H anytime!!!

  2. Sounds like a great trip – love all the photos!

    I’ve done high tea at the Langham Hotel in Auckland – very very nice! But it does seem like Wellington has more places to choose from. I’m going back down to try Sweet Pea! ;-)

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