Taylor 15 months

Wow… another month has gone past and Taylor is growing up and changing SOOO fast.  It is amazing the amount of new things she can now do and it doesn’t take her long to figure out a new trick or two.

At 15 months Taylor:

  • Chicken is still your favourite food.  You still love eating rice, pasta  and other bits and pieces of our plates. You are still adventurous with your food.
  • You are walking everywhere confidentally
  • You also like to stand on things… coffee tables, chairs, couches and other naughty things!
  • You weigh 11.4kgs
  • You are still waking up most nights once for a bottle but we are trying to cut that out.  You aren’t impressed at all when you get a watered down formula.
  • You sleep once during the day.  At home, you are a dream to put down to sleep.  In the last week you have been sleeping 11am until 1.30pm / 2pm if all things go to plan.
  • In order for you to last until 11am we usually head out early in the mornings to run errands etc.  This has been a bit of an adjustment for mummy as she isn’t usually a morning person.
  • In the last couple of days I have been trying to wean you off your afternoon bottle of formula.  This means you eat pretty much constantly to keep you happy in the afternoons.  Now you are having 1 x 220ml bottle about between 9am and 10am and then another before bed.
  • You are becoming quite addicted to your dummy.  You ask for it a lot during the day.  Also when you get in the car you know where we keep the car dummy.  You are definitely calling your dummy Na.
  • You like to have a little plate of ‘options’ at lunch.  You definitely like quality and different things rather than the same old same old.  We have been giving you lots of different things like grapes, cheese, sultana buds, chips, cruskits or sandwiches, yoghurt, yoghurt and banana, honey puffs, gorilla munch.   We  need to mix it up so you stay interested.
  • No more teeth to report
  • You are definitely have the stranger danger thing going on… visiting Santa was a case in point!  Hopefully, the clingy stage will not last too much longer.
  • You love being outside.. anything that has water in it (Liam’s pool) is called a bath and you would quite like to go in it please!
  • You are still obsessed with Harper the cat.

Here is a layout of you, Taylor at 15 months… exploring mummy’s coffee cup!  This is typical Taylor behaviour… you are into everything… you like to open drawers, the dishwasher, expect the fridge or the pantry.  My empty coffee cup was sitting on a white cube in our lounge – you quite like to go behind that and try and investigate the cabinet next to it.  Today you thought you needed a bit of a caffeine hit !

I used up some of my October Afternoon Sidewalks collection… which is such a fun collection for both little girls and boys… the sewing machine has come out of hiding in the garage and I have found to be a very useful alternative if you have run out of photo splits and all other adhesives!!  The background stamp is of a sewing pattern (Hero Arts) that I got in my first Studio Calico kit.


2 thoughts on “Taylor 15 months

  1. that stranger thing comes and goes!!!
    the mind is changing and growing…and funny ideas it comes up with!!
    it will pass!!!
    am sure santa is quite used to it!! lol

    great list and love that layout!!!

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