A quick downstairs tour


Just a quick downstairs tour of our new (well not so new), house…

The formal lounge or big lounge or area to store loads of stuff that you can’t fit into other parts of your house… our new white shelves and our flash Christmas tree!

The view from another angle. I put up the photo montage before the shelves — it needs to be moved over slightly.  I do think another set of white shelves would like nice where the Christmas tree currently stands…

The other other side of the lounge, looking out to the driveway.

The creative (messy part) of the lounge, looking a bit into the entrance way

Entrance way looking towards the family room and kitchen.  Paper lanterns left over from Taylors party (must take those down soon).

Kitchen/Dining room looking from the family room

Part of the dining room looking into the family room

It is still very much a work in progress… hoping that over the long weekends coming up we can sort out some of the garden, the garage and the upstairs storage and bedrooms.



8 thoughts on “A quick downstairs tour

  1. Am I jealous?
    Yes, yes I am!
    Looks stunning darling….. however where is your craft room????
    Your such a clever girl.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year xxx

  2. OMG you have done an amazing job – want to start on our place next lol :)
    In answer to your question I would not hesitate to go back to the Warwick resort if we were to gp back to Fiji. It is a fantastic place – especially if you have kids! Where did you stay?

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