Taylor almost 14.5 months old, Liam’s report & CMH


I’m so over the weather today.  Bring me back the sunshine…Fiji seems so far away now.  I really do think that the weather helps keep up the morale and helps with the motivation to get all the things that NEED doing done.

Taylor Grace

In the last couple of weeks Taylor just seems to be growing up before our eyes so I wanted to blog about some of the milestones and things she is doing right now. Hopefully, one day I will get these onto a layout!

  • Taylor’s vocab is just expanding more and more each day.  She is getting really good at repeating sounds back to you.  If you ask her what a dog says and we say woof woof she says oof oof oof.  Cat says Miaow we get Me Me Me Me.  Somedays I think she can say Liam but it doesn’t come out all that often.
  • We measure out her formula and go ONE (sort of in a long drawn out way), Taylor will say TWO (in the same toning).  We are working on THREE and FOUR (really need to get that on video)
  • If you ask her to lie down for a nappy change she will mostly actually come over and lie down and do this without running away.
  • She understands that going in the car means going out.  She gets a little confused when the car is the garage somedays and other days not.
  • She says Nah for something.  I am still not 100% sure what it is.  She says it when she wants her dummy.  It could be the word for dummy or it could be Taylor or it could be give it to me NOW.  I would say it was dummy but then she has said it when she was hungry.  I wonder what that will morph into.
  • She says ‘tootle’ for bottle.
  • She has just starting playing with her baby.  She will repeat baby when you ask her too.  She pushes the baby around in the pushchair and brings it to you for love.

I’m sure there is more… it is hard to remember all the little things!


Liam has almost finished school for the year.  He is tired!  We got his school report yesterday which was pretty much as expected.  He has grown up so much in the last year.  He has his strengths and his weaknesses.  Mainly we think his writing is holding him back and doesn’t show the true reflection of what he can do. Specifically, when he has to communicate his answers in a written form. Next year we are probably going to get him some extra support in this area.    We are very proud that he is keeping up with his peers who are all older than him as he is a year ahead of himself.  He has gained confidence in his abilities and has learned to deal with more difficult social situations in the classroom.  We are super proud of him.

We have also found out who his teacher is next year already (in the past we haven’t been able to find this out until next year).  Here are some comments on his report.

Reading 2B (at beginning of year 3/4)
Reading at an appropriate level for his age, reads aloud fluently with good attempts at expression.  Tends to race through texts if asked to read silently which effects comprehension; if encouraged to slow down then he gets better understanding.  Beginging to use clues provided by the author to answer questions where the answer is not specified in text.

Writing 1A (advanced year 2)
Beginning to proofread and id some spelling attempts, although still relies on the teacher to make corrections.  Uses known spelling patterns to spell unfamilar words.  Forms uppercase and lower case letters correctly and fluently.  Uses interesting vocab to enhance writing.  Writes detailed narratives which include a problem and a solution.  Starting to use joining words such as but or because to link ideas together in a sentence.

Mathematics 2B (at beginning of year 3/4)
Uses different strategies based on facts he already knows to solve numberproblems up to 100 e.g. 32+44  as 30+40 and 2+4 (we have noticed him doing this with cricket scores in his head).  Applies knowledge of addition facts to solve multiplication and fraction based problems e.g. 3×4 as 4+4+4.  Correctly identifies most basic 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and uses correct terminology to describe their key features.  Creates simple graphs and data displays and makes statements or asks questions about the information they present.

Speaking/Listening 2B (at beginning of year 3/4)
Viewing/Presenting 1A (advanced year 2)
Readily particpates in class discussions and will ask questions to clarify his thinking.  Needs to ensure he listens carefully and courtesily when others are speaking.  Making a real effort to improve his presentation this year.

Health and Physical Education 2P (progressing through the middle Year3 / Year 4)
Participates in all physical activities with confidence and enthusiasm.  Encourages and supports others in his group or team who are experiencing difficulty.

Social Sciences /Science/Technology 2B
Creates and modifies a product using the steps in the Technology design process.  Learning to take notes and record information in his own words.  Written recording does not reflect his true understanding of topics covered

Visual Art 1A / Music 2B / Dance 1A / Drama 2B
Developing greater skill and confidence using art tools and materials.  Readily performs plays before the whole class.  Experiments with class instruments to create simple compositions.

General comment
Liam has become more confident in himself and his abilities over the past year.  He is now willing to take risks and attempt new things.  Liam has a very sociable nature and at time he allows himself to become distracted from the task at hand.  A gentle reminder is usually all that is needed to help him refocus.  He is kind and caring towards others.

Before I go… and get some more stuff done whilst Taylor is sleeping.  Here is my layout for the latest CMH that went live today!  Using OA Sidewalks Collection Kit and some old photos of Liam that I haven’t scrapped yet.



3 thoughts on “Taylor almost 14.5 months old, Liam’s report & CMH

  1. Sounds like Miss Taylor is growing up super fast … has been a little while since I last saw her and I bet she will have changed a lot when I do see her next. It’s such a huge growth period!

    Great report for Liam, it sounds like he has had a really good year at school. It is nice to find out their teachers at the end of the year, as they can have time to adjust and also know who is in their class which makes the first day back a lot easier! I don’t think I would like having to wait until the first day!

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