A snapshot of June 2005


Gary and I were trying to take a trip down memory lane the other night and trying to remember what Liam was like at a similar age to Taylor.  It was definitely hard to recall all the little details about him and his personality.  Sure, we have a general idea of his temperament… we have the milestones, holidays, Christmases and birthdays.  But what about all the things he used to do.. the toys he played with, what he ate and drank all those wee things that you think you won’t forget but over time the memories do fade. 

I wasn’t blogging then… I have some layouts and of course photos.  We found some of them that I had blogged about or done some scrapbooking about on my old blogger blog and it just reminded me of how lucky our kids our these days.  They have 1000s and 1000s of photo memories of their little lives.. when in our childhood we might have had one or two photos to record these things.   It is not unusual to take 300 photos of just one event! 

It really does highlight why blogging is important to ME.  It is recording the little details that aren’t life changing events (it may be boring to everyone else!!).  It is also why I started to scrapbook, to record the little things.  I have realised of late that journalling has dropped off my layouts and I really need to record the details more often on these and get better at  that again.   It may feel like a chore at the time, or do I have time to blog about that, or if I feel silly recording and writing down little memories… I just have to remember how cool it was to reflect back on what I have recorded so far… and hopefully my kids will enjoy it too.

So, the house needs a tidy, I have a million and one things to do … but instead here is a snapshot of Liam June 2005…

We took Liam to Browns Bay Beach Playground for swings and tunnel playing.


We took Liam to his one and only ever trip to the farm at Butterfly Creek, he is wearing a jumper knitted by his great grandmother ws walking around in a similar fashion to Taylor and I have a fringe!


He played with tools in his pocket, there is nothing in the bottom shelves of the bookcase, he watched TV (Stanley) and played with his tool set.

How do you record your memories… do you print photos, are you good about writing down all the details… how do you find the time to fit that all in and still get everything else done that needs to be done?



3 thoughts on “A snapshot of June 2005

  1. Pl would be the way to go..small snippets of life alongside pics…and keepsakes!!! could have it all in one!!!

    im toying with it for 2012….but only so much i can write about myself!!!

    love ya fringe too!!!!

    and cute googles liam!!!

  2. You have captured some great memories. I have been looking at how I record my memories of late. Like everyone I have so many it gets overwhelming. I started this year using my diary to record memories and things my kids said. It came from looking at http://logyourmemory.com/. I also love the project life by Becky Higgins idea. Looking forward to trying something 2012

  3. Because my kids are a lot older I don’t have lots of digital photos from when they were little which is tricky when it comes to scrapbooking so am trying to catch up on all those while I can still remember a lot of the important stories. Nowadays I have been doing PL and its fantastic to just record all those little details of our everyday life – with the journalling, the photos and all the other random little pieces of paper that we seem to accumlate along the way.

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