Fiji 2011 – Part One


We are back…  Auckland seems to have put on the good weather for us for our return (rain!!).  At least I don’t mind being stuck indoors and unpacking I suppose. 

I really wanted to blog about Fiji whilst it was still fresh in my mind… I apologise in advance for the amount of photos… these are a small selection of my favs that sums up our trip.  

In summary:

  • It was probably the most TIRING and the most RELAXING holiday I have ever been on.  There were lots of moments of chilling out by the pool and lots of moments of chasing Taylor around the place continously.  When she was awake, she did not stop moving at all.  Life is one big curious adventure for her! 
  • 30 degree weather, sunshine every day!  Seeing as the weather forecast was for a lot of rain.  We got off lightly with afternoon rain or showers really with some amazing thunderstorms where you could SMELL the lightening it was that close.
  • Liam asking early on arrival about why could they build houses like these here (as in flash resorts) but not normal every day houses.  Shows the stark contrast between the areas we drove through on the way to Denarau.   It is an amazing contrast between the touristy areas and the normal way that most Fijian’s live.  It was probably the one part of travelling to Fiji I didn’t enjoy. You really did feel that what you were experiencing was very artificial and set up for tourists.  In stark contrast to going to stay somewhere like Rarotonga where we mixed in with the locals and the resorts were dotted around the whole island.  It would have been nice to have gone out to the islands… to see how that compared.
  • Taylor learned how to say Bula!
  • Taylor became obsessed with brushing her teeth and would wander into the bathroom often asking for teeth teeth teeth
  • By the end of the holiday, everyone who worked there seemed to know Liam by name!  They were so welcoming of kids at the Radisson… we also visited the Westin and the Sheraton and didn’t get the same vibe  as we did at the Radisson… so glad we stayed there.  Liam had a blast hanging out in the pool with the kids and Mo as well as going to kids club.

Plane rides

I was a bit worried about how Taylor was going to go on the plane.  But we were lucky… leaving early in the morning meant she was ready to sleep by the time we got on the plane going over so did a half an hour nap no problems.  She did have sore ears on descent into Fiji.  Going back to Auckland we gave her a half an hour nap in the morning and she slept for 1.5 hours on me travelling home.  We only had to chase her for 2 hours at Nadi airport!! 


When Liam wasn’t in the water he went along to the Kids Club.  He was made to feel so SPECIAL by everyone there.  And he is the kid that just loves this sort of attention, he loves playing games, going exploring.  In comparison to the Kids Club in Raro… this was heaps better!!   When he didn’t go to the Kids Club he had his own special club in the water with Mo.  I’m not sure what was Mo’s actual job but he spent the afternoons, playing volleyball and waterpolo and even ball tag with the kids in the pools.  He sort of took Liam under his wing (probably does this with lots of kids!!) and it was so cool — Liam loved hanging out and playing with him.  It was pretty easy to see why kids love coming here. 

Miss Taylor

Taylor only has two speeds – full on… or asleep.  She enjoyed walking everywhere… which usually meant an adult following close by as she doesn’t do stairs or she would probably just wander off!   She did two sleeps a day whilst we were there which meant down time for me at the pool either with Liam or just with my book and down time for Gary hanging out in the nice cool room.   She was still quite shy and didn’t really want to go to the lovely Fijian ladies who were dying to whisk her off for cuddles. She is definitely wary of strangers which worked well if we didn’t want her to wander off too far!  She went in the water a couple of times but mostly paddling in and out of the water’s edge… until she discovered she could climb the rocks around the pool and was happy to do that for ages.  She also managed to ring a local number and have a chat to a local fijian for 8 seconds which resulted in a $1 charge on our room bill (oops!).  We managed to braid her hair into 3 little braids… I don’t know how they managed to do that with such fine hair.  I am glad she wasn’t a bit older otherwise that could have cost us a fair bit to get her whole hair done at $2 braid!!   She also got to taste a fair few different mocktails and cold shakes which I think she quite rather enjoyed!

End of part one…


7 thoughts on “Fiji 2011 – Part One

  1. OMG, just showed the kids your pics of Mo, and said ‘who’s this?’, they all screeched “MO!”. LOL. Isn’t he and the rest of the team just wonderful? So glad you liked it.

  2. Looks and sounds like you guys had a great time! Awesome photos, and it is obvious that the kids had a ball. Yep, I definitely recommend going out to the islands, it is totally worth it, and IMO you see more of the “real Fiji” (well, we did, as we did a trip to a local village with a kava ceremony and welcome, etc).

    Looking forward to part II …

  3. Welcome home Michelle, sounds like you had a great time too – Know what you mean about chasing the little ones around though. Benji moves so quickly too and with all that water around you just can’t take your eyes off them for a second. Your photos are amazing – I’m already Fiji-sick (and the fabulous NZ weather isn’t helping either eh!!!

  4. Gorgeous pics Michelle! Sounds like one deserved holiday! Glad you had a great time and can’t wait to see some more pics and hear more stories.

  5. how cool!!!! love the mocktails and local phone call story!!!
    as for liam noticing the contrast in LIFE in fiji!!! shows how scarily OBVIOUS it truly is then!!!!!

    you do look relaxed in those pics….nice!!!!!!!!!!

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