100 post milestone!

I couldn’t resist posting… this my 100th post!!  Yay!

For that reason alone…

  • Only 2 more sleeps til Fiji!  (actually Sunday hardly counts seeing as we up at 3am)  And I wont be able to sleep because I will be thinking about waking up!
  • Taylor is fully walking everywhere… including bad places like on top of the coffee table
  • Taylor is cutting her 4th molar … sigh.. hopefully it will be over soon for a wee bit.
  • Taylor can now say Car, Keys, Harper, Indy, Ball, Bath, Bah, tootle (bottle) (as it dirty but she just says it back when you say it at her), she will also go to the door when you say lets go in the car.  She also leads me to the door when I think she wants to go out..
  • Her diet now includes shells (she is so going to be THAT child who eats sand), bananas (if you distract her immensely!) and dog food.
  • Liam is doing well… is incredibly cheeky at times but incredibly good at others.  Not sure how to engineer the second part to come out more often than the first!
  • There is one big problem in my world right now and it involves this…

and this…

Well.. I started this post 2 days ago … should actually post it!

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “100 post milestone!

  1. She will also go to the bathroom if you say it’s bathtime and to her bedroom if you say it’s bedtime. Well, she did yesterday anyway. So, slightly more obedient than her brother.

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