Miss Taylor Grace (just over 13.5 months)

Hi (again)

Yes, this is the third blog post of the day…  but sometimes you have time to blog and other times you just don’t!

So I have been so neglectful of blogging about Taylor and I think I missed her first birthday post all together.. what a slacker I am!

Here is what my little girl is up to now…

Taylor Grace (aka the  terminator or monkey!)

  • Just started to ‘walk’ more than ‘crawl’ around the house.  Gosh, it has taken you so long to do this!  It turns out that you are actually later than your brother (or are you the smart one that means you get carried around more if you aren’t walking?).  At just over 13.5 months.  You have been standing up unaided for AGES but preferred crawling as your favourite way of getting around.  You still wont walk without holding on to a hand whilst out and about though. Interestingly, Liam first stood unaided at 12 months 1 day and then took his first steps at 1 year and 2 weeks old. 
  • You can say, Indy, Harper, more, ta, dada, mama, bath, car, you say something that resembles Liam and keys  – you are definitely mimicking sounds that you hear.  Liam’s first words were Bath, bus, dadada, Mama, Woof Woof at 1 year old.
  • You are a nightmare to feed, it is all about distraction!  Wallets, keys, all things you aren’t allowed are good tools to try and get you to eat.  Unless dinner involves chicken!  You love chicken and you like rice and pasta.  You aren’t really excited by fries or anything like that which Liam loved.   Tonight for dinner I had to put a piece of chicken on your tray and then when you went to put it in  your mouth I would shovel some veges in instead. You are definitely exposed to more different types of foods than Liam was at the same age.  You like Sushi, Chicken enchiladas, and we often give you tastes when we are out and about.   Liam was easy to feed and definitely ate more!
  • Indy ends up eating most of your discarded food as he waits patiently under your highchair!
  • You can drink water out of sippy cups and out of straws and out of Liam’s water bottle easy as.
  • You are having 3 bottles during the day (and watered down bottles at night, you are now having Soy Milk formula because we aren’t sure if Dairy was the cause of your eczema.
  • You are still waking up most nights, we thought you may be be itchy from your Eczema and you have just cut three molars so that can’t have been any fun!
  • You have 11 teeth, 8 front teeth and 3 molars.
  • Your favourite toys are … well not really toys… bags, pushchairs, wallets, remote controls, phones, ipads, water bottles! You also love to push around your car and get in and out of it.  You also love balls (probably because you see one of these flying by your head (Liam!) often!!)  You aren’t fussed by dolls or anything baby related at all.  Maybe when you get older.  You love being outside and if you are out on the deck you are usually heading for the pot plant and don’t mind getting mucky in the dirt.  I think you will definitely love the sand at the beach in the summer time!
  • One of your other favourite games is playing and crawling over your little couch (I predict you will enjoy adventure… and probably rollercoasters). Liam quite likes this game too!
  • You don’t watch any TV, you don’t pay any attention to it if it is on or anything!   Which is a bit annoying sometimes but if you watched it then you would have to sit still!
  • We can now tie your hair up in pig tails and a little pony tail which is very very adorable.
  • You are definitely starting to grow up, you are understanding more about what we tell you and you will follow simple directions like come here, you know that Aunty Nic lives downstairs and you have super sonic hearing and when the front door goes you rush off to see who it is.

More photos of you playing with your car outside in the sunshine.


3 thoughts on “Miss Taylor Grace (just over 13.5 months)

  1. Aww, she is growing up sooooo fast! Sounds like a real monkey, too. That’s second children for ya!! I’m sure she’ll be playing soccer with her big brother in no time at all … she’ll save up her energy for walking and use it to run instead. Love the pics, and her cute little ponytail :-)

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