Sunday wrap up!

Okay… well it is now Monday and I had every intention of writing up this blog post yesterday but it kinda feels like Sunday here due to the long weekend!!

So I am going to start writing a Sunday wrap up of things that have happened over the week to recap and capture all those little things that I sometimes find it hard to blog about because they seem bitzy (not sure if that is a word!!) and disconnected!!

Think of it like a snapshot of life… (probably a bit boring… sorry skip the boring bits if you like!!)

So the highlights of the week…

  • It is the second week of the school holidays this week.  Liam went to a cricket program this week.  Only for a couple of hours in the middle of the day but it was nice to get him out of the house and into the fresh (if not a bit rainy air).  Because of this Taylor and I HAD to go have several coffees at Windsor Park Cafe to keep ourselves amused.
  • Taylor’s eczema is so bad, the poor thing.  We decided to take her off dairy to see if that would help.  Unfortunately, I forgot that her formula was dairy based (doh blonde moment) and that it wouldn’t work unless we culled that too.  Needless to say, Taylor wasn’t that fussed on Goat Milk formula… who could blame her really.  So we haven’t been able to eliminate all formula.  But over the course of a few days we have managed to get her on 3/4 goat / 1/4 cows formula.  So far, her skins seems worse (maybe it needs to before it gets better?).  We are also cutting out a lot of gluten as well. Fingers crossed it does get better soon.   Not entirely sure if we want to get her hooked on the Goat either … it is a TAD expensive as it was organic etc as well.  She also doesn’t eat enough to cut it out all together.
  • Taylor still takes a few steps and then falls over and continues to crawl.  She doesn’t seem to have any fear of falling… (that isn’t a good thing is it?).  She is going to be my climber!!
  • On Thursday night, the kitchen sink catastrophe ocurred.  It was quite funny, but I wasn’t home so I guess I found it funnier than Gary did?
  • Nicole has been away all week so we have been feeding the cat, who has been missing her and showing this by shredding copious amounts of toilet paper and knocking over the cat biscuits and spreading them from here to Africa!  On the plus side I have taught the cat to go OUT the cat door (not to go IN) but Rome wasn’t built-in a day.
  • Spending a few days without a kitchen sink… a bit like camping… but a bit more annoying.  The kitchen sink got reinstated on Saturday and we could use it by Sunday.  Apparently, they had NEVER ever had anything like this happen before…
  • On Saturday, we took the kids into the WQ and to the Cloud at Queens Wharf.  It was pretty busy and walked around with loads of different people, it was just as interesting crowd watching, we stopped and had fish & chips for lunch, got Liam a rugby ball, an ice-cream and a play on the playground.

click on the collage to see it BIGGER!

  • Taking some new photos… what more inspiration could I need!!
  • Then of course, the rugby last night… I am not a rugby fan particularly but due to the nature of the event, I decided I had to watch it.  I made good use of my time by sewing on swimming badges onto the swimming bags.  Where I had to re-sew most of Liam’s which were falling off… thank goodness I wasn’t born in the last century as my darning skills are less than adequate!  Only one incidence of the blood bin ocurred where I stabbed myself with the needle… but even in the last 10 minutes of the game I had to put it down because I could concentrate any more… and sewing with your eyes closed because you can’t watch is dangerous!!   I am so glad they won (mostly because I don’t think I could have handled the ‘men’ in my house and their mourning… that would have been too much to handle.  Pretty cool time to be a kiwi.. proud kiwi at that.  I remember when Gary and I used to say… at the last time the Rugby World Cup occured… Liam would be 7.  That felt like it was going to be so far in the future before that was going to happen… now it has… heck Liam is 7!!
  • Lastly, because I can’t remember what else happened this week… I will share a couple of layouts that I have done for Scrappin’ Patch using the Fancy Pants to the Moon range.

That is a wrap… I hope my body remembers to get out of bed at a reasonable hour tomorrow… I know my brain will be protesting.. but I am SO looking forward to some peace and quiet whilst the big one is at school!

Have a good one!



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